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 Posted on: 10/14/2012
TIME: 16:30HRS PST – 16:45HRS PST
Ladies & gentlmen, good evening. I welcome you all, and thank you for coming here at this very critical time we are all going through.
Today, i am talking to you with a very heavy heart. I am very deeply saddened, shocked, aggrieved, on hearing the most tragic news of the barabaric attack, on malala, shazia and kainat, by the heartless conscienceless, “bezameer” (immoral) terrorist, who have disguised themselves as talibans, but infact, they are inhuman, illiterate, stone-age people, worse than animals!
Malala is in a critical condition and battling for her life. My heart goes out to her and her family, and to the other two injured girls, and their families; shazia & kainat. I am praying for her and the other girls, rapid and full recovery.
May i ask where are pakistan’s armed forces and highest ranking personnel of the armed forces who consume 80% of the country’s resources? Give me the answers. Are they not responsible for safe-guarding the country’s borders, and the lives of citizens of pakistan? 
Why have they not taken immediate steps to find and arrest the culprits? Are they still in a state of confusion? May i ask the armed forces and other intelligence agencies, do you not have children, of your own; daughters and sons? Why do the armed forces not fullfil their duties and responsibilites to apprehend and crush these barbaric culprits? Then the whole nation will be left with no other option but to look towards international communities to save their childrens lives! Agreed?
Similarly may i ask where are the pakistani political and religious parites? Why are they quiet? Why don’t they come forward coragiously to fight against this cowardly act by the taliban? 
Please, please, please, look at these politicians own monitary affairs; volume of wealth. What were they before entering politics? See their wealth and their properties now. See how much they have gained since entering politics. Unfortunately they are not fulllfiling their national obligations, responsibilites and duties, to save, to serve a nation and the people of pakistan. Agreed?
I am humbly requesting all of you, young and old, daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, students and teachers, nobles of our civil society, and last of all the media persons, to please pay your attention to what i am telling the nation. I am going to tell you the very ugly and bitter facts about the mind-set behind these terrorist activities. Which many of you already have some knowledge, of which our new generation is totally unaware. 
Malala is an innocent, but very brave, enlightened, broad minded and god-gifted girl. I salute her proud parents! At such an early age of eleven, she is now fourteen, but at the age of eleven, in a taliban controlled area, she took the most couragious and imporatnt responsibilty to get herself educated against all odds. She has also been successful in convincing and encouraging other parents to send their daughters to school to be educated. She has become the light and symbol of hope for millions of girls in pakistan to get an education.
was it a crime for her to get an education for which taliban terrorist shot a bullet through her head? It is infact the most brave and worthy decision she made to get herself educated, but, the talibans mindset sees otherwise. They consider it a sin for any girl to get an education. Taliban says it is totally against the teachings of our beloved prophet (pbuh). Is that what malala is doing against the teaching of the prophet mohammaed (pbuh); yes or no? 
All the girls and boys who are present here and those listening to me otherwise. I am fully advising you to continue to go to your schools to get an education, to become enlghtened, broad minded, progressive and become the medium to defuse the clouds of ignorance imposed on innocent minds by the robe-wearing and cunning religious leaders. 
Always remember it is only education that leads to innovation, and opens up the mind to explore better ways to improve ones’ quality of life. Our mind is the greatest gift from god. The creater wants humans to conquer the universe. How could we achieve higher objectives without getting higher education? To get an education is the highest form of worship and submissiviness to the great almighty allah. Today, i am going to remove the mysterious shrowd from the faces of the religious leaders. They are only very few genuine religious scholars who are preaching the teachings of islam; at the present time. The majority of these so called muftis and mullas are infact the merchants of islam. Their agenda has been to sell islam for their own good. These religious thugs disguise themselves by wearing colourful robes and “chughas”. 
Our prophet (pbuh) encourages us to get an education even if one has to go to china to receive good education; modern education. The muftis had declared sir syed ahmed khan to be a “kafir” (heretic) because he opened a university in undivided india for muslim students, for their progess, prospertiy, success and respectable status in society. 
Muftis declared mohammed ali jinnah and the great scholar and poet hazrat allama iqbal to be “kafir” (heretic), only because they were progressive, liberal and in favour of education. I humbly request the religious leaders, clerics and scholars to come out now, and take a firm stand against terrorists and their supporters. 
It is your duty to do so. If you remain silent at this critical time then you will also be considered an ally of the terrorists, unworthy of any respect. The people will boycot you socially, and culturally, in all walks of life. No one will ever allow you again to enter into their homes. 
I humbly request you all to tell me your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, through any means available to you. Your feedback is essential for me. Urgently help me to explore ways in which to get rid of this present menace of extremism. 
Thank you for your patient hearing.

7/23/2018 8:56:14 AM