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English News Archive
MQM leader Altaf Hussain's important questions about the role of the Pakistan army Generals
06 May 2021     Views: 14
Important and sticky questions of MQM leader Altaf Hussain to the judges of Supreme Court, High Courts and all District and Lower Courts
04 May 2021     Views: 85
03 May 2021     Views: 73

“MQM’s Central Coordination Committee demands for unsealing of MQM’s central office, 90, for lifting restrictions and ban on carrying out political works – Pakistan can stay safe when equality, justice and impartiality is ensured in all sections of life”
Live :Video Briefing Of Central Co-Ordination Committee Of MQM - 3th May 2021
03 May 2021     Views: 68
Mr. Altaf Hussain has whole heartedly congratulated to the President of South Africa on the Independence Day of South Africa
28 Apr 2021     Views: 110
Mr. Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader of MQM, congratulated the President of South Africa on Independence Day, the elected government, all the leaders of the ruling African National Congress, the people of South Africa and all the workers of the MQM South Africa unit.
اگرپاکستان کاسسٹم ٹھیک ہوتا اورعوام کوانصاف ملتاتو 71ء میں پاکستان نہیں ٹوٹتا۔الطاف حسین
25 Apr 2021     Views: 112
ایم کیوایم کے بانی وقائدجناب الطاف حسین نے کہاہے کہ اگر کسی ملک کانظام ٹھیک ہو، انصاف پرمبنی ہواورملک کوچلانے والے ایماندار ہوں توملک ترقی کرتاہے لیکن اگر ملک کانظام خراب ہو، ملک کوچلانے والے بے ایمان اورکرپٹ ہوں تو ملک ترقی کے بجائے تنزلی کی طرف جاتاہے،اگرپاکستان کانظام ٹھیک ہوتا، ملک کوچلانے والے ایماندارہوتے اورعوام کو انصاف مل رہاہوتاتو 1971ء میں پاکستان نہیں ٹوٹتا۔انہوں نے ان خیالات کااظہار'' جسٹس سسٹم '' کے موضوع پر اتوار کواپنے تیسرے لیکچر میں کیا۔
Live: 3rd Thought Provoking Speech Of MQM F&L Altaf Hussain Regarding "JUSTICE SYSTEM" On 25-Apr-21
25 Apr 2021     Views: 138
23 Apr 2021     Views: 173
In a country where the courts are on dictation and the judges are frightened and the judicial system is compromised, that situation is like a giant reptile, the alligator that engulfs even the bones and finished everything as feast.
Live: 2nd Thought Provoking Speech of MQM F&L Altaf Hussain Regarding "JUSTICE SYSTEM" On 23-Apr-21
23 Apr 2021     Views: 137
Altaf Hussain speaks on compromised judiciary: Pakistan’s existence solely conditioned by neutrality, adherence to constitutional ambit of military establishment: Altaf Hussain
21 Apr 2021     Views: 156
Statesman at apex, great philosopher, unmatched historian, excelled academician, proclaimed rights tribune, architect of Mohajir nation and Mohajir identity, creator of most vibrant rights movement, the Muttahidda Quami Movement or – MQM -, an established pro-democracy and anti-feudalism fighter and stout revolutionist, founder and leader of the MQM, Altaf Hussain has jolted the decayed and compromised judicial system of Pakistan as he shared mind blowing facts that surround the compromised system of justice in Pakistan.
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