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English News Archive
Pakistan’s largest historical public gathering organized by MQM at Shahra Quaiden Karachi on 26 January 1990
05 Jan 2023     Views: 186
MQM Coordination Committee Video Briefing on "COP unique Jalsa Karachi on 26th January 1990"| 01-01-2023
01 Jan 2023     Views: 274
Part -3 Founder & Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain’s ask the Question to Youth. Who are the Illuminati of Pakistan?
31 Dec 2022     Views: 169
Part -2 Who are the Illuminati of Pakistan? And how are they governing in Pakistan?
30 Dec 2022     Views: 214
Who are the Illuminati of Pakistan? And how are they governing in Pakistan? Question to Youth
29 Dec 2022     Views: 189
COAS Gen. Asim Muneer! You should reply YES or NO on my letter to you dated 08-12-22, Altaf Hussain
28 Dec 2022     Views: 175
Latest Photographs Of Father Of The Mohajir Nation Qet Altaf Hussain-
27 Dec 2022     Views: 204
Altaf wants justice, equal rights for Mohajir nation
24 Dec 2022     Views: 206
The ancestors of Mohajir nation created Pakistan while Mohajirs had migrated to Pakistan used everything for developing the country. They invested immensely by virtue of finance, education, skills and talent.
Founder leader of MQM, Altaf Hussain’s greetings on Christmas
24 Dec 2022     Views: 244
Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the MQM, has extended his heartfelt Christmas greetings to all the Christian people living around the world
Merry Christmas to entire Christian community and all
24 Dec 2022     Views: 270
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