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MQM USA delegation met with US State Department Officials

MQM USA delegation met with US State Department Officials
 Posted on: 7/13/2021


MQM USA delegation met with US State Department Officials


In the meeting, MQM delegation pointed out threats by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to assassinate The Founder & Leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain through drone strikes in London


Washington, DC: 13th July, 2021

A delegation of MQM USA Central Organizing Committee held a meeting with US State Department officials. In the meeting, MQM delegation expressed their serious concern over the threatening speech of Prime Minister Imran Khan at the floor of the National Assembly on 30th June 2021 in which he threatened to assassinate MQM founder & leader Mr. Altaf Hussain through drone attack in United Kingdom. MQM delegation said that the threatening statement of Imran Khan has clear intention of Imran Khan Govt and military establishment to assassinate Mr. Hussain on British soil who not only the exile leader of the MQM but also a British citizen. MQM USA office bearers said that it’s not only matter of Imran Khan’s statement but it is the Govt and military establishment who plan to assassinate Mr. Hussain.

 MQM delegates referred to similar news on a private YouTube channel who reported that the ISI have set up a death squad and Brigadier rank army officer has been given the task to complete the mission. That channel also reported that huge amount of money has been allocated to accomplish the task and the movement of Mr. Hussain is being monitoring by elements based in Pakistan high commission in London.

 MQM delegates said that workers, office bearers and well-wishers of Mr. Hussain all over the world are very much concerned about the security of Mr. Hussain. They appealed to US, UK and all democratic powers around the globe to take strong notice of this assassination thereat and take necessary measures for the safety and security of Mr. Hussain.

 In the meeting COC also enlightened about the most recent extra judicial killings of imprisoned MQM workers in Karachi Central prison due to brutally tortured in custody and the on-going years-long state operation against MQM, enforced disappearances, illegal arrests, the unconstitutional and illegal ban on Mr. Altaf Hussain on media and current situation of Sindh was discussed. State Department officials assured to the MQM office-bearers that they will take necessary steps on all these accordingly.


9/18/2021 5:25:07 PM