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MQM briefs Canadian MPs on HR violations, embargo on Altaf Hussain

MQM briefs Canadian MPs on HR violations, embargo on Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/21/2023




A 4-member delegation of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) headed by the MQM deputy convenor Shahid Raza visited the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, yesterday.

The MQM delegation consisted of senior advisor and former convener of the Coordination Committee Dr Nadeem Ehsan, Joint Central Organiser of the MQM Canada Iqbal Bahadur Khan and Canadian Central Organising Member S. M. Zaki.

They had held there a meaningful meeting with the Canadian Parliamentarians.

The MQM delegation also met with the Conservative Party's MPs Tom Kmiec and Jasraj Singh Hallan and the ruling Liberal Party member Sameer Zuberi.

During the meetings, the MQM delegation briefed the Canadian Parliamentarians on the unconstitutional and undemocratic restrictions imposed on the MQM and its undisputed founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain.


The MQM delegation updated the Canadian Parliamentarians with the ongoing gross human rights violations in Pakistan. The delegation said that the MQM is the third largest political party of Pakistan and its founder and leader, Mr Altaf Hussain, is the leader of millions of Muhajirs and oppressed communities in the country.

Unfortunately, an unconstitutional embargo was placed on the MQM and its undisputed founder and leader Mr Hussain, the delegation said, adding that the dispensation of the justice by the courts is denied especially to the Muhajirs, MQM and Mr Hussain.

The delegation informed the Canadian Parliamentarians that Mr Hussain has also been denied the renewal of Pakistan nationality documents which is his inborn right.

It further told the Canadian Parliamentarians that the state institutions particularly the armed forces of the country are using every means to crush the MQM and the military crackdown on the MQM that was started in 1992 is still in full swing.

The country's military, military secret services and paramilitary troopers are abducting the activists of the MQM, inflicting worst physical torture on them, while hundreds of mutilated bodies have so far been dumped on deserted lands and hundreds of the abducted activists have been forced to disappear till date, the delegation said.

It added that the MQM is restricted to carry on political programmes in the country.

The delegation informed the Canadian parliamentarians about the census in the urban areas of Karachi and Sindh that was manipulated and the actual number was deliberately cut short.

It also informed about the lowest turnout in the recently held by-elections because the people had welcomed the boycott given by Mr Hussain which is candid clear evidence of the fact that Mr Hussain stands to be the undisputed founder and leader of Muhajirs.

The delegation told the Canadian MPs that Pakistan is bound to abide by the international agreements regarding human rights. Henceforth, the Canadian MPs should use their influence over Pakistan so that the oppression against Muhajirs comes to an end. The MPs were presented with the book 'The Living Legend ALTAF Hussain'. The delegation expressed hopes that the Canadian MPs will play their pivotal role in the Canadian Parliament for an end to butchering policies in Pakistan.

2/21/2024 9:57:10 AM