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 Posted on: 5/30/2021

LONDON. May 30, 2021: Muttahidda Quami Movement’s (MQM) supremo Altaf Hussain said late Safia Akbar was a symbol of loyalty and she will live forever in our hearts as a symbol of loyalty.
He expressed this in a special condolence meeting held at the International Secretariat, London on the occasion of first anniversary of her. She was a senior member of MQM and in-charge of the Women's wing at the International Secretariat.
MQM Convener Tariq Jawaid and MQM Central Coordination committee members, MQM UK office bearers and MQM women's wing members attended. Family of late Safia Akbar was also present.
Mr. Hussain lauded her role for the organisational services she rendered to the MQM. He paid rich tribute to her.
He said it is immensely tedious and challenging to remain loyal for whole of life but late Akbar did so.
We are all gathered here to commemorate her first anniversary and pay her rich tribute. It is imperative that our younger generation should know about her role she played for the MQM as her role is quite inspiring and is worthy of acclamation.
He said since the moment she joined MQM, she proved a brave and steadfast worker of MQM and when MQM was targeted by the military establishment of Pakistan with an aim to eliminate the Movement, she resisted with courage and refused to betray. She used to travel a long distance to reach party’s secretariat with prepared food for the affiliates of MQM beside tough conditions, harsh situation and tremendous challenges. She didn’t even care for her life.
Her character, solidarity with ideology, sacrifices and devotion were matchless and this has left her as an unforgettable personality in MQM’s history. We all salute her.
“I had a spiritual bond with her and this will last till I would breathe my last.””Everyone has to learn from her and should remain loyal, too, to the founder of MQM and his ideology.”
While speaking on fast changing situations around the world, MQM supremo said that decisions are about to be taken at political, geographical and regional levels all over the world and time has come for the oppressed to be rewarded for their patience and the time for end of the oppressors.
The tyrant forces shall be accounted for their crimes against humanity.
He said when his companions were brutally murdered and tortured, skinned and burnt, he might have taken revenge in a similar manner but he has never hurt anybody in his life and if he had ordered someone to eliminate Afaq and Aamir, they would have not existed today.
He questioned whether any one was killed who betrayed MQM openly? It is the demonic military’s notorious propaganda against MQM since day one the Movement was founded. This is because he is the only one in Pakistan who raised awareness against the decayed feudal system that joined hands together with the demonic military.
He said that he has dared to look into their eyes and produced leaders hailing from grass root level.
MQM was first a Mohajir Qaumi Movement meant it was only for Mohajirs but when people started contacting from every nook and corner of the country it was transformed into the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement
Demonic military establishment and ISI started obstructing its way forward so that it might not be spread in other provinces and it might not become the voice of the oppressed.
Oppressed people were not allowed to join MQM and accept his ideology that would thwart the decayed consortium of feudalism of which the demonic military is patron-in-chief.
Mr. Hussain said that geographical changes are about to take place all over the world and it is in the best interests of the people of each province to take care of their own affairs.
Meanwhile, a condolence reference was organised at MQM International Secretariat to pay homage to late Safia Akbar. This was held at the MQM International Secretariat in, London on the occasion of the first anniversary of her death in which various aspects of Ms. Safia Akbar's role as in-charge of MQM Women Wing and unprecedented sacrifices she offered to MQM were highlighted.
MQM Central Coordination Committee, Central Executive Committee, MQM UK Organising Committee, MQM Women Wing, MQM London Units members, family of the deceased including son Saleem Akbar, daughters Lina and Anila attended. Moin Ahmad Khan, conducted the condolence reference while MQM West London member Hafiz Mohammad Rashid recited verses from the holy Qoran to open the discussion. COVID-19 SOPs were strictly observed. Only limited people were invited due to this pandemic situation.
MQM Coordination Committee Convener Tariq Jawaid said, late Safia Akbar was a true, sincere and loyal worker of Quaid-e Tehreek and the later also had great respect for her.
He said that she was not only a diehard companion but was also like a mother and a sister as she took care of everyone and treated everyone with affection. A year has passed since she died but to this day it is unbelievable that she is not among us.
Jawaid prayed to Allah Almighty to elevate the ranks of her and grant the departed soul the highest abode in Paradise.
Earlier, while addressing the condolence reference, younger son of the deceased, Saleem Akbar, said that it is a matter of pride for all of his family that a condolence reference was organised to pay rich tribute to his mother, late Safia Akbar, who always respected Mr. Hussain. Despite her illness, she used to come to MQM international Secretariat.
He informed the audience that his mother was always prepared to leave her home and even her children for Altaf Bhai.
“My mother had a passion for sacrificing everything for Altaf Bhai”, he said , adding that Quaid-e-Tehreek for which we are thankful to him.
Lina said that we were born in the UK but our mother raised us in a purely Eastern environment. Our family is aware of the love of Altaf Bhai and the companions in the movement. Even today, I see that not only we, the brothers and sisters, are aggrieved but also every companion is in same condition. It is a matter of great pride for the Akbar family that devotion and love for Altaf Bhai has bound us all in a loving bond.
"I urge my fellow members to remember my mother and smile and pray for her exaltation," said Lina.
She thanked Quaid-e Tehreek and his colleagues for holding the condolence reference.
MQM Women Wing member, Yasmeen Naveen said, late Safia Akbar was a loving woman and she will always live in our hearts.
A documentary on the organisational services and struggle of late Safia Akbar was also presented.

6/19/2021 2:29:13 PM