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 Posted on: 4/10/2021



“General Ayub Khan declared founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s real sister Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah an Indian agent - MQM has not bought an island, has not built a palace, has not created a franchise of Papa Johns abroad”


LONDON. April 9, 2021: Our students are being forced to have their utmost faith on history of Pakistan that has so badly been distorted by the feudal elites and military junta and these are the main perpetrators. Even the senescent populous of the country is totally unaware of the reality and facts.

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Altaf Hussain has said. He expressed these views in a live exigent televideo address yesterday. He said that he has taken up the responsibility to represent the truest history of Pakistan and hence he is on target of the military junta.

He claimed that in an address to come next, he has predetermined to unleash certain facts that those who unknowingly chant slogans in favour of Paksitan would one day assert that the existing COVID-19 pandemic wouldn’t end until Pakistan is intact on the atlas.

He was of the view that during past 73 years, the demonic establishment of Pakistan has impeded the path of progress of her and hence the country has not yet achieved the required destination.

However, under the filth of their mindset, Pakistan's military leadership and their scientists have been grossly engaged in piling up a heap of conventional and non-conventional war arsenals. However, the so-called prestigious and So-called deadliest missiles named after Afghan invaders to India, Ghauri, Ghaznavi and others are so poor that these can’t hit their target successfully and even these aren’t working but in fact are ineffective missiles. The nation is right to ask, if these missiles are not going to be launched, for what day are they being built?

He, without mentioning the Kashmir issue, said that if there is a competition between two individuals or teams that are present at a certain place.  Whoever wins something first with a cheating tactic then the losing team will protest against that cheating tactic and over ruling their protest then the losing team would get back with courage with which they were fraudulently deprived.

Hussain said that as long as there is breath left in his body he would continue to informing the people of the facts because the young generation in Pakistan especially the millennial are being taught distorted history; the new generation that is of the age group of 14-20 can only name a few of founder of the country, when asked. When asked, as who was Allama Iqbal, they would simply name him as the dreamer of the country but that is incorrect.

It is taught that had in 1938 or 1939 dreamt of Pakistan and Pakistan is the interpretation of his dream and that he the dreamer is remembered in the distorted history of Pakistan. The new generation would say that Iqbal had a dream and Muhammad Ali Jinnah fulfilled that dream. You will ask the new generation who were Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, Maulana Shaukat Ali Johar, B Aman, Maulana Hasrat Mohani, AK Fazlul Haq (Sher-e Bengal) and Sheikh Mujibur Rehman? And did they not have a practical role in the establishment of Pakistan? There was another role in the formation of Pakistan by G. M. Syed. Does the younger generation know about him?

Hussain said that if G. M. Syed had not played his role, Sindh province would not have joined Pakistan, but how many people knew these facts? The founders of Pakistan were assassinated and then all of them were not only given certificates of treason but are still called traitors. Fatima Jinnah, sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, supported him in his struggle for the establishment of Pakistan. She did not care about her life, even she did not get married. She was always helpful whether it was a matter of reading or writing speeches with Quaid-e Azam in the morning and evening. Fatima Jinnah, the real sister of Jinnah, was disgraced all over Punjab during the rule of General Ayub Khan. Dogs were painted with her name as traitor.

The MQM founder and leader, Altaf Hussain, who is a historian, an academician, a philosopher, a revolutionist, a philanthropist, and above all father of Mohajir nation, a nation which he created and named, said that keeping in view the historical facts, he had told the students in one of his lectures that the resolution was written by Sir Zafarullah Khan who was a Qadiani (member of Ahmedi Muslim sect declared as infidel in Pakistan) and the host of a TV Talk Show Hamid Mir wrote in his column that the Lahore Resolution was not written by Sir Zafarullah Khan.

Mr. Hussain said that he did further research in this regard but did not find that the Lahore Resolution was not written by Sir Zafarullah Khan. It would be appropriate for Hamid Mir to explain this in his next column. Hamid Mir has to write in his column on solemn oath whether Pakistan's military generals, officers, hawaldars, deputy hawldars, subedars, naib subedars, naiks, lans naiks and soldiers hadn’t the rape of Muslim Bengali mothers, sisters and daughters? He further said that when Hamid Mir was shot and severely injured, he was the first to issue statement of condemnation and prayed for his life. Hamid Mir would be forced to drink the poison for speaking the whole truth like Socrates ( the great philosopher)

Hussain said that there is another journalist who in his program called the TTP mastermind of the massacre of children of Army Public School Peshawar, blasts in MQM meetings, killing of MQM members of Sindh Assembly and killing and vandalism as poetic.

“If he thinks that I will stop telling the truth then I will not do it at all. Everybody knows very well and in the 43 years of struggle of MQM it has been proved that Altaf Hussain does not fear except the Allah Almighty.”

He said that hundred percent of the people in Pakistan know the name of MQM and MQM founder and leader Altaf Hussain whether they have physically seen Altaf Hussain or not. He asked whether Asif Ali Zardari came in politics first or Altaf Hussain? In the 73-year history of Pakistan, the PPP has been the number one party, sometimes the number two party, sometimes the Muslim League has been the number one party, sometimes it has been the number two party, while participating in democratic elections in the Senate, National and Provincial Assemblies and MQM was the third largest political party.

Mr. Hussain said that after the catastrophic quake in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir and Punjab on October 8, 2005, the MQM provided relief to the victims day and night for six months, dispersed collected billions of rupees from all over the country; tons of relief goods were dispatched to the quack-hit areas and from across the country by the MQM.

MQM relief camp near Sahaili Sarkar Dargah in Kashmir.  لگارہا۔  The military officers who witnessed the MQM's relief efforts are still alive.  He further said that MQM did not buy any island, did not build any palace, did not create a franchise of  Papa Johns like General Asim Saleem Bajwa with the support of "BAAP".  He said that it is a historical fact that whoever sided with Pakistan has been called a traitor. In next address, I will tell you the facts for which you will touch your ears and you will not believe but I will proved these facts.  I will do it, if I can't prove it, you can say goodbye to Altaf Hussain

Hussain said that late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, slain Benazir Bhutto, self-exiled Nawaz Sharif and Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman can be Quaid (leader) but military backed and military funded so-called senior journalists ask for Altaf Hussain what Quaid? Such intellectuals who are selling the sanctity of pen have in fact become time servants.

“If surveyed honestly then the prostitutes would stand on top with regard to honesty as compared to tool-like military-funded journalists and intellectuals.”

He said that leaders like Altaf Hussain are not born in universities; nature has given Altaf Hussain the status and honor that has created such love for him in the hearts of elders, mothers, sisters, daughters, innocent children and youth.  Altaf Hussain's name is inscribed in their hearts and minds.

Hussain said that in his address to come next, he would expose Pakistan. He said that those who chant slogan in support of Pakistan would soon condemn this country and would say that the global pandemic of COVID_19 could only be exterminated if Pakistan is exterminated. He said that he would prove that Pakistan is the originator and spreader of global pandemic, evils, Kalashnikovs and terrorism in the world.

He urged the loyal workers and sympathisers all over the world to not only subscribe his YouTube channel “REVELATIONS WITH ALTAF HUSSAIN” but also ask their families, friends and relatives to subscribe.

6/24/2021 7:38:18 PM