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 Posted on: 2/2/2019 1

LONDON. Feb 3, 2019: MQM founding leader Mr Altaf Hussain has bombarded the Pakistani military establishment over its demonic character and repressive move and plans against Mohajir, Balouch, Pashtoons, Sindhi and Gilgiti nations. Military repressive actions date back to decades and the aforementioned non-Punjabi nations settled in different provinces of the country are enforced to live like slaves and have been facing genocide and hence these nations have been completely irked and now want freedom from Punjabi establishment’s repressive dominance. In particular, the Mohajirs are fully repressed and they are restricted to involve in politics and welfare acts. MQM being their sole representative party and Mr Hussain, who is their sole beloved leader, are being placed under an embargo.

The MQM founder Mr Hussain has now demanded the right for the self-determination in Pakistan under the aegis of the UN. Not only this, he has also invited the other oppressed nations, the Pashtoon, the Balouch and others to join him in the demand for the right of self-determination and he kept the leadership option open saying that he is not eager of being the leader of the movement for the self-determination right and anyone from the oppressed nations could choose to the leader of it.
As the world is affected of terrorism and Pakistan is the nursery of terrorism and has its sanctuaries and hence the world has already taken notice of Pakistan’s terror export to other countries through the FATF, Mr Hussain has in this context demanded the western donors countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Australia and Germany, etc to immediately halt all sorts of financial aids to Pakistan and condition the financial aid with end of terror sanctuaries in Pakistan and end to the gross human rights violations, lift of embargo on freedom of speech and freedom of expression and press.
In his special message to the international community, he said;
“I appeal to the United Nations Secretary General, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and all renowned Human Rights Organisations worldwide to take heed of my words.
He said he would like to draw their attention to the draconian measures being carried out against the Mohajirs, Pashtoons and Balouchs living in Pakistan, the humiliation being carried out by the Pakistan Army, ISI, Rangers, Police and civil-dressed officers during the illegal raids and abductions tantamount to criminal offence.
The inhumane torture being inflicted upon the Mohajirs, Pashtoons and Balouchs, and then ultimately subjecting them to enforced disappearances, their family members, including their women, young children and the elderly are not even spared by the brutal forces of Pakistan.
This outdated measure of draconian torture, illegal raids, arbitrary detentions, are all carried out by the ruthless deep state. No respect is afforded to the families or victims, every member of the family is targeted without due legal process, no legal warrant or permission from any judicial authority is produced before they carry out these illegal actions, he said.
Mr Hussain said that once abducted, the families do not even know if their loved ones are alive or dead. No authority co-operates with them and bodies are found in the suburban areas where they are killed and dumped. The bodies bear marks of inhumane suffering and the affected families fear every day that one of the bodies dumped so could be of their loved one.
Since 2013, over 15,000 Mohajir, Pashtoon and Balouch office-bearers, workers and sympathisers have been the subject of enforced disappearances and sadly, none as yet has been held accountable for these abductions, added Mr Hussain.
This is a blatant violation of human rights. Pakistan is besieged by the Pakistani Army, ISI, Rangers and Police and this country has lost control and is currently in the phase of an undeclared martial law, where freedom of expression, freedom of speech or freedom to associate themselves to any political party of their choice is infringed upon.

He said that if a journalist expresses his concern over these violations and dares to cover the story, they will have only two options, either they will be told by the deep state to stop or the other option is to find their body in a suburban area.
He requested all democratic countries, which provide assistance, and have afforded Pakistan a GSP+ status in the form of preferential support,  to halt all funds until they send their representatives to enquire into these gross violations of human rights against the Mohajirs, Pashtoons and Balouchs and approach those innocent civilians who have been the subject of these violations and their lives have been destroyed, and hold Pakistan accountable to their commitment to ensure that human rights are not violated.

He said, “I want to mention a few prime examples of the illegal abductions carried out by the deep state, a progressive, leader Momin Khan Momin, whose plight has been raised by Amnesty International.”
He said that Mr Khan is frail and is undergoing cancer treatment.  He was abducted with his son in the early hours of 31st January at 4 a.m., In this context, look at the tweets of South Asia Amnesty representative Ms Rabia Mehmood. His only crime was his affiliation with the MQM.  In 2018, Prof. Hassan Zafar Arif a PhD from Harvard University was abducted and taken to the torture chamber of the ISI and Army. He was murdered due to the torture in custody; his body was dumped in the suburban areas of Karachi. Similarly Naqeeb Allah Mehsud and three of his colleagues were abducted by the militaries henchmen Rao Anwar. He was brutally murdered. Conversely, Syed Ali Raza Abidi, who was MQM designee, was murdered on Christmas Eve 2018.
He said that he could not explain in detail, but if the democratic countries of the world might send their rapporteurs, they can enquire with the women of the Mohajir community about how their chastity and respect was desecrated by the Army. The Deep State has started the same illegal acts it carried out against the Bengalis in 1970.
He said that he has faith and hope, that as democratic countries they will raise the voice of those going unheard or else the failure will result in annihilation. He also requested on an SOS basis to intervene and help the helpless Mohajirs, Pashtoons and Balouchs.
Mr Hussain said that he has explained to them the plight of the Mohajirs so what option do they have left? Can they live with Pakistan any longer facing these brutalities, ongoing genocide, ongoing disappearances, and disrespect of our women?
Mohajirs have no choice but to seek the assistance of the international community, and demand that a UN referendum be held in the urban areas of Sindh, Balouchistan, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and let the people decide if they want to live under the occupation of Pakistan’s demonic army and deep state or not. They have suffered from the genocidal actions of the ghoulish Pakistan army since past 71 years and they now want to live free from danger and that they want a right to self determination. The UN should take immediate action on the appeals of millions of Mohajirs, Balouchs and Pashtoons to fulfill this justified demand as mentioned in the UN charter.

Pakistan does not want to accept the very existence of the Mohajirs including other ethnic groups, Mohajirs are not classed as equal citizens of Pakistan. If the Constitution of Pakistan and law of the land, the highest Judiciary of the country have all failed to provide justice to the Mohajirs, who have been suffering, subjected to enforced disappearances, tortured to death in custody, the systemic annihilation, subjugation of the Mohajir nation, social exclusion from the mainstream society, which has been taken from them since the very inception of Pakistan, they have been deprived of jobs, the Quota System has been imposed only against Mohajirs in Pakistan. There is no other example of this discrimination in any other province in Pakistan.
“I want to bring to your attention that those in Pakistan using the title of MQM are traitors of the nation.” “These traitors, who are being supported by the ISI, they are the puppets of the Pakistan army and Deep State.”
There is only one MQM and that is the one founded by him in 1978 as APMSO as a student wing, then progressed to the Mohajir Qaumi Movement and then subsequently to the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement.
He said that his family home and nearby offices have been illegally sealed by the Army and Deep State and at least 22, 000 Mohajirs have been extra-judicially killed through brutal draconian style torture techniques.
He said that during raids it has become a normal practice of the day to treat the elderly and women disgracefully, not only beat them but desecrate their private life, it is a common routine to abuse and molest women.
In this situation, when the constitution of Pakistan and Judiciary are not providing any protection to the Mohajirs, what option they have other than to approach the United Nations to seek their right to self-determination, he asked.
He also condemned the discrimination being faced by the Balouch and Pashtuns, who are subjected to enforced disappearances. Similarly, 1000’s of Balouchs have been killed extra-judicially and hundreds of Balouch girls are kidnapped and taken to the military cantonment and then raped. In order to save their lives the Balouch need to raise their voice to seek their right to self-determination. If they would fail to do so, it will only result in further deaths, enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings.
He also appealed to the Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement leaders and those genuine leaders to get united and raise their voice collectively to stop the ongoing genocide of the Mohajirs, Pashtoons and Balouchs and raise their voice at the United Nations.
While addressing the honourable Secretary General of the United Nations, he said that if Mohajirs are unable to get justice from the judiciary, if they have been forbidden to raise their voice, an undeclared ban on the activities on the MQM have been imposed since its very existence, what option do Mohajirs have left.
He said that the Mohajirs have no alternative but to seek the assistance of the UN. Therefore, the only viable solution is the right to self-determination. He also quoted the United Nations Charter article 1 (2).

1/30/2023 8:23:49 PM