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Ongoing demolition move is part of greater conspiracy against Mohajirs: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 1/8/2019 1

Ongoing demolition move is part of greater conspiracy against Mohajirs: Altaf Hussain

LONDON. Jan 8, 2019: MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has said that the ongoing demolition plan under the aegis of the Supreme Court of Pakistan that is being implemented by the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and all time anti-Mohajir and biased Pakistan people’s Party (PPP) led Sindh provincial government is part of state of Pakistan’s nefarious agenda of pinning Mohajirs to walls.

He said that at one hand they are being butchered by the country’s ghoulish and corrupt military and at the other the state of Pakistan is rendering them homeless and jobless by destroying their houses and shops and business outlets in Karachi.

“The consortium of state of Pakistan, armed forces and Karachi’s administration and Metropolitan Corporation have while crossing all their limits now destroying Pakistan’s oldest and historical Urdu Bazar (Only Book Market)”, said Mr. Hussain, adding,this is the only market that caters to peoples’ and students’ needs for reference and curricular books and related materials.

Destruction of Urdu Bazar is establishment’s well-planned scheme to deprive the students of their right of education and simultaneously the sellers and publishers of the books have been deprived of their means for the living. In fact, this is part of greater plan of rendering the Mohajirs as homeless, unemployed and pushing them towards extinction, he feared.

It is pertinent to mention that the Movement’s founder leader Mr. Hussain would give a live address through the social media as usual as the establishment has placed a media embargo on him in Pakistan. His address would be live on Thursday, January 10th this current month in which he would further expose the consortium of the forces of evil in Pakistan united to eliminate the Mohajirs from Pakistan. The address would be live at 08.00 PM (1600 Hrs PST).

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