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Altaf Hussain demands re-polling in entire NA-250 as MQM stages protest

Altaf Hussain demands re-election in all polling stations of NA-250
 Posted on: 5/15/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain has demanded of Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct re-election in all the polling stations of NA-250 under the supervision of army.
The MQM chief who was speaking to the participants of the party’s sit-in in the wee hours of Wednesday by phone from London said that “MQM being a peace-loving party doesn’t want to fight with anybody and want to resolve all issues through dialogue, but we will defend our right under the teachings of Almighty Allah and Prophet (PBUH) and Pakistan’s constitution if any one tried to snatch its mandate through force or at gun-point.”
He said that the Almighty Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) knew well that the MQM even today wanted Pakistan’s stability, progress and prosperity so as to make the country as the most developed country of the world.
He praised the spirit of the participants of the sit-in including elders, women and young children who assembled in front of election commission in a large number at a short notice of one hour.
Expressing his joy over the presence of young boys and girls in the sit-in, Mr Hussain said that it was a matter of great pride for him that those who had not even seen him were demonstrating such an immense love for him with their presence at the sit-in at 3.30am.
Pointing out that the MQM always struggled for wiping out differences between haves and have-nots, he said that he tried his best to provide protection to the residents of Defense and Clifton from the ill-designs of Taliban and uncontrolled sons of landlords.
He, however, said that conscience people of Defence and Clifton were with the MQM and his colleagues would leave no stone unturned in sacrificing their lives for their protection.
Reiterating that MQM always respected Press freedom, Mr Hussain said that some elements of the media might criticize MQM, but should refrain from leveling unfounded allegations against the sons of founders of Pakistan, beside shunning their practice of accusing MQM of baseless allegations which, he opined, were aimed at maligning the party.
The MQM chief said that as long as he was alive he would continue to give messages of Haq Parasti come what may.
Drawing the attention of the Election Commission of Pakistan and the people at the helm of affairs to conduct elections in all the polling stations of NA-250 under the supervision of army without any dishonesty and whosoever won the polls we would accept it and if the seat was won by MQM it should also be accepted in the same spirit.
In this regard, Mr Hussain asked the CEC Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim whether he would hold the re-polling on only 43 polling stations of NA-250 on the demand of few people and ignore the demand of those residing in Dolikhata, P&T Colony, Delhi Colony, Burnes Road and other poor localities falling under the same constituency.
He said that it was continuously being said that he used tough language but nobody talked about the party which for the last 35 years had been leveling baseless allegations and never voiced its concern over the tragic incidents that took place in Qasba, Aligarh where 300 people were slaughtered in just six hours, girls were dishonoured, and the Hyderabad incident where 200 people were sprayed with bullets in just half-an-hour and other excesses meted out to the MQM.
Tracing the history of Pakistan, Mr Hussain said that the creation of the country was not the outcome of begging but it came into being after sacrificing over two million lives rendered by the people of Muslim minority provinces.
Deploring that a conspiracy was being hatched against those who forefathers had sacrificed their lives for the country’s independence, he said that said that although the country was divided in the wake of similar conspiracies against Bengalis, no one had learnt any lesson from that tragedy.
Reiterating that the MQM wanted to make Pakistan a prosperous and developed country of the world, he said that it was now up to the citizens of the country whether they liked Dr Farooq Sattar, Mustafa Kamal, Kunwar Naveed and other representatives of the party involved in carrying out development works or those who wanted to plunder the national wealth.
On this occasion, the MQM chief said that the prejudiced elements would say that Altaf Hussain had talked against Pakistan but they won’t tell that he spoke in favour of Pakistan and the participants of the sit-in chanted slogans in favour of the country.
At the outset, Mr Hussain appealed to Haq Parast people to join the sit-in for a great cause and lauded the members of MQM Coordination Committee, office-bearers and workers of its all departments and sympathizers for their bold and courageous act of organising the grand sit-in in favour of their just demand.

5/17/2021 12:03:34 PM