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MQM Supremo shows concern on facilitating extremist outfits to operate per will in the country

MQM Supremo shows concern on facilitating extremist outfits to operate per will in the country
 Posted on: 11/9/2021
MQM Supremo shows concern on facilitating extremist outfits to operate per will in the country

LONDON. November 9: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement's (MQM) Supremo Altaf Hussain showed grave concern over freedom of banned extremist outfits to operate freely in Pakistan. He has slammed the military junta for facilitating these banned outfits which use violence as tool to impose their false and extremist agenda on common citizens. He held the military establishment responsible for the arson and
claimed the army created, patronised and oxygenated putrid fanatics in form of extremism. All such religious parties, jihadi militant outfits are military's by-product.
These religious extremist outfits will once again try to fool the people of Sindh, especially Mohajirs in the name of Islam. He refused to accept the TTP brand of Islam.
He expressed these views while addressing a meeting of MQM workers on the phone. In his address, he apprised the workers of Pakistan and overseas of various aspects of the current situation.
Hussain accused the ghoulish military junta and the sly cabal of opportunist feuds of fetching the country to the gallows of poverty, hunger and mass suicides. He said that Pakistan has been completely destroyed by virtue of economy. The sick-minded government, demonic military, assassin ISI and foolish civil, military establishment are unaware of the devastations looming around.
The government had said that Tehreek-e Labbaik (TLP) is being funded by India and it is a terrorist outfit but the other day, the government lifted the ban on TLP. Many cops were killed during the sit-ins and protest marches of TLP but all the detainees of TLP have been evicted.
He said first the ban on TLP has been lifted then it was followed by lifting of the ban on 'Ansar Al Islam'. The government has signed agreement with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).
The Taliban have announced a month-long ceasefire. In this situation, another banned outfit Sipah-e Sahaba (SSP) has also demanded from the government that the ban should also be lifted from them otherwise they will also protest.
Hussain said the Taliban had fueled terrorism in Pakistan, carried out suicide bombings at mosques, imambargahs, shrines of religious leaders and massacred thousands of innocent civilians.
They martyred APS children, destroyed girls' schools, but today the government and the military establishment are making agreements with the Taliban.
MQM Supremo said that it was the military establishment that sponsored the religious parties, formed religious Jihadi militant organizations and now efforts are being made to impose them on the country under the auspices of the government. Offices of the banned outfits allowed to set up.
They will once again try to fool the people of Sindh again in the name of Islam, he added.
He said that before the formation of MQM, the people of urban areas of Karachi, Hyderabad and other cities of Sindh were used for their political interests in the name of Islam' by Jamaat-e Islami and Jamiat Ulema-e Islam. No one has ever spoken out against the quota system against and other injustices done to Mohajirs. Before the MQM, there was no representative party of the Mohajirs. They had no voice in Pakistan. He said through years of struggle, he united them and made the MQM a third largest political party in Pakistan and the second largest in province of Sindh, but the traitors of the movement thwarted all his efforts.
He said that the discriminatory and hateful treatment of Mohajirs in all walks of life has left behind all the prejudices of the past.
MQM Supremo said that there are many ways and scales to check anything, different tests are done to check some medical conditions. In the same way, a person's character is judged by his behavior and actions, whether he is a liar or a true believer. Yes, but who will maintain his fidelity, who will fulfill his promise, who is truthful, time decides it, time is the greatest measure of understanding, testing and examining man.
Hussain said that, in the organisation, office bearers of MQM took oath by placing hand on Holy Quran, many times in a year, when the time was bad, they didn’t stick to faithfulness. They broke their oath and sold them-self. He said after 11 June 1978, people affiliated with our movement, sold them self to the army, they sold the blood of the martyrs many times.
Army offered me many times, they also tried to buy me, I was also offered bungalows, properties and money but he refused.
He asked how much the workers and the people have tested me, how much more they will test.
He said that in view of the present situation, the traitors of MQM called Bahadurabad gang are now asking the government to hand over the offices and Nine Zero to them.
He asked what is their right, to take the offices of the movement?
He said that the right to open the offices of the movement belongs to those loyalists who have the confidence of Altaf Hussain, who endured the atrocities of the operation, went into hiding, spent years in jails, endured hardships.
Those who weaken the movement and strengthen the hands of the enemies are the hypocrites of the nation whether they are in Pakistan or outside Pakistan.
He told the workers that in the present situation number of members in the Central Coordination Committee has been increased to re-organise the movement and the members of the Committee have been assigned the responsibility of re-organising the organisational work in the sectors and zones.
The MQM Supremo saluted all the loyal comrades, mothers, sisters, elders and youth.

1/17/2022 5:07:01 PM