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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

Voters advised to choose honest middle-class candidates: Haider Abbas Rizvi,The Nation

 Date: 4/13/2013   Views:4932    Source: The Nation
KARACHI - Muttahida Qaumi Movement senior leader Haider Abbas Rizvi on Friday advised the voters to exercise their right of franchise in the general election-2013 in favour of honest middle or lower-middle-class candidates in their respective constituencies.
The former Member of the National Assembly Haider Abbas Rizvi said this in an interview with APP, here.
All parties have the right to participate in the election and all should be provided a level-playing field, he said. He said the MQM has fielded candidates in the general election-2013, from all over the country.
He said many parties had approached the MQM for seat-adjustment but final decision in this regard was yet to be made. 
To a question, he said the law and order situation was disturbed in the whole country and election in this situation would be a test, but nations go through such situations. The election had been held in Great Britain during World War-II, he noted.
By the grace of Allah Almighty we will successfully pass this test as one nation, he added.
He told a questioner about placing candidates against ex-president Pervez Musharraf, that MQM has fielded its candidate in NA-250 Karachi.
He said the third largest party ‘MQM’ has formally announced its manifesto for general election-2013 a few days back. There are a few parties in Pakistan, which pay proper attention to their election manifesto. 
He added many parties in Pakistan have the view that voters cannot be attracted through the manifesto but MQM always considered manifesto as an important document which can help the voters to gauge the performance of the parties in the next elections.
The former MNA said that MQM has framed a 22-point comprehensive manifesto for the general election-2013.
Besides pointing out all major problems of Pakistan, the MQM has also advised solutions of the same in its manifesto, he added. He said in Pakistan only people belonging to two families had come to power turn-by-turn. “We think that if this situation persists, the problems in the country would remain unresolved,” he added.
The people make claims of revolutions, but many parties which had raised slogans of revolutions, have been hijacked by the landlords and feudals, he said. He said MQM chief Altaf Hussain had announced 30 years ago that he would not take any ministry or seat in the parliament. MQM has clarified in its manifesto that the party wants to empower people and want power for the people, he said.
He said his party had vowed to the people for devolution of power in its manifesto-2008, which has been incorporated in the 18th Constitutional Amendment on the demand of MQM-backed parliamentarians, he maintained.
He said we have succeeded in transferring power from the centre to the provinces to some extent but a new chapter of struggle has started as we have to shift the power from the provinces to the people’s doorstep.
Our struggle is still continuing and this is the reason we have not changed the main title of party’s manifesto, “empower the people,” he said.