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Altaf Hussain deplores over the open violations of laws in Karachi

Altaf Hussain deplores over the open violations of laws in Karachi
 Posted on: 5/2/2014 1
The law of Jungle has been imposed on Karachi
The founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain has deplored over the open violations of laws in Karachi. He made this comment on the extrajudicial murders of MQM workers while addressing Rabita Committee Thursday night at Nine Zero.
Mr. Hussain expressed condemnation of extrajudicial murders of MQM workers Muhammad Sameed, Ali Haider, Faizan and Salman Qureshi. 
He deplored that Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef had launched Karachi operation to eliminate criminals and terrorists. He added that MQM’s workers were being arrested since the inception of this operation. 
Mr. Hussain said MQM voiced its concern over the way operation was being conducted through press conferences and protests, but neither prime minister not chief minister of Sindh, who is also the captain of the operation team, paid attention to their pleas and requests. 
“Is my demand unjustified and unconstitutional if say law enforcement agencies should arrest people in uniform and should come with a warrant and produce the arrested persons in courts?, “ Mr. Hussain put this questions to the rulers and intellectual.
“Unfortunately, law enforcement agencies in Karachi neither follow any legal formalities and nor do they confirm arrests. Does Pakistan’s constitutions and laws allows law enforcement agencies to do such illegal things? They subject arrested persons to inhuman torture and execute them and dump their bodies, “ Mr. Hussain asked this questions to the Prime Minister and federal interior minister.
“Courts should be abolished if the law enforcement agencies have been given power to pronoune judgment and execute people. It should be announced that it is not the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies to protect life and properties of people. People should make arrangements defend themselves, “ Mr. Hussain said.
“The law of Jungle has been imposed on Karachi. Four persons have been killed in a day. These persons were arrested by law enforcement agencies on April 13. They were arrested in the presence of dozens of people. Where should we go for justice when judiciary is helpless to provide justice to oppressed people and cannot prosecute tyrants, “ Mr. Hussain said.
Mr. Hussain expressed his heartfelt condolences with the bereaved families of the four martyred workers and prayed to Allah to give them high place in Jannah. He prayed to Allah to give family members strength to bear the loss.

5/12/2021 10:17:00 PM