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MQM condemns Amir-e-Jammat Islami for his support to barbarism of Taliban

MQM condemns Amir-e-Jammat Islami for his support to barbarism of Taliban
 Posted on: 2/20/2014
Those who support Taliban’s barbarism are enemies of humanity
MQM’S Rabita Committee has expressed condemnation of the press conference of Amir-e- Jamat Islami, which he called to express his support for Taliban. They deplored his statement and said those who supported Taliban’s barbarism are enemies of humanity.
In a statement released from Karachi Rabita Committee said, “Taliban are carrying out attacks on armed forces, police and citizens. They are carrying out bloodbaths. Taliban killed the young Major Jehanzeb of Pak Army. It shocked us that it did not affect Mr. Munawar Hasan. Then we got the news about the brutality of Taliban. They slaughtered FCs personnel and dragged their headless bodies on the road. This brutal act did not moved Munawar Hasan and he did not utter a word of condemnation. However, when the army took action against Taliban beasts it shook him and he protested over army’s action, and he convened a press conference to protest over the attack and censured army and called it an injustice. Munwar Hasan’s behavior has told us that he is not supporter of Islam, Pakistan and humanity, but a supporter of enemy of Pakistan and enemy of humanity - Taliban.” 
“Pakistani who are friends of humanity and followers of Islam’s teaching should take notice of the behavior of Munawar Hasan and Jamaat Islami and boycott them socially and support the action of Pak Army, “ Rabita Committee appealed.

6/5/2023 5:35:09 PM