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 Posted on: 5/1/2024 1



If the Supreme Court takes a bold decision on this serious matter based on truth and justice, Pakistan will be saved. This will establish the rule of law and constitution in the country.


The Supreme Court should build such a strong wall in front of the independence of the judiciary through its decision that the army, ISI or any other organisation cannot put pressure on the judiciary in the future.


Army should stay within its constitutional limits, let civilians do their work.


The facts stated during the hearing in the Supreme Court are a clear proof of the truth of my position.


Expression during a thought session on TikTok


LONDON. [UK]. May 1: The founder and leader of MQM, Mr Altaf Hussain, has welcomed the open hearing of the Supreme Court's suo motu notice on the complaints of Islamabad High Court judges about pressure and blackmail on the part of the ISI and other government agencies.


If the court will continue to hear this very serious matter without any pressure and made a bold decision on the basis of truth and justice, then Pakistan will be saved and the rule of law will be established in the country in the true sense.


If they come under pressure and do not take any bold decision in this matter on the basis of right and truth, then the rule of the constitution in Pakistan and the future of the country cannot be guaranteed.


He said this while addressing his 44th intellectual session on TikTok on Tuesday night.  Mr  Hussain said that when he established the All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization (A.P.M.S.O) 46 years ago for the rights of Mohajrs, then MQM in 1984, he was telling from that time that ISI and other agencies of the army have been forging the riots, and hedging conspiracies. By doing this, the people were pushed to lethally confront themselves, the ISI divides the political parties, creates splinter groups among them, then for stating these facts, he was called against the army, hr was called an enemy of the country, an Indian agent, and the people of Punjab were incited against him, and a military operation was conducted against MQM.  But today, after 46 years, during the hearing in the Supreme Court, the biggest court of the country, the judges are saying themselves that the ISI and the army agencies put pressure on the judges to make them decide what the agencies wanted, interfering in the judicial matters. They threaten to kill judges, kidnap their relatives, torture them, attack their houses, install hidden cameras in their houses and bedrooms to blackmail them, threatening them, tapping their phones, etc.


The six judges consortium has in the petitions sent to Islamabad High Court, Lahore High Court, Peshawar High Court, Baluchistan High Court and Sindh High Court, and Supreme Court, they are giving details of pressure on the judges to give favourable decisions and are making complaints.


Mr Hussain said that he stands besides the judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts in this matter, the people across the country should also support them and pray that Allah Almighty gives the judges of the Supreme Court the courage to act on the complaint of the judges of the Islamabad High Court make a bold decision and through your decision build such a strong wall in front of the independence and independence of the judiciary that in the future the army, ISI or any secret agency or any government agency cannot put any kind of pressure on the judiciary, the army within its constitutional scope. The Army's job is not to sell cement, sand, gravel, drinks, cereals and meat, run petrol pumps and marriage halls, agriculture, real estate, defence housing schemes and other types of business. Do and let the civilians do the work of the civilians.


Mr Hussain said that it is hid prayer that the interference of the army in politics in Pakistan should be stopped, the rule of law should be established in the country, democracy should be established, the judiciary should be independent, and the country should be free from IMF and World Bank loans and foreign aid. Be able to stand on feet.


Mr Hussain said that today's hearing in the Supreme Court on the issue of pressure by the intelligence agencies of the army and the facts being stated during it are actually a clear proof of the truth of his long-standing position. The sacrifices of his martyrs, captives and missing comrades are included, this is the success of his faithful comrades, mothers, sisters, elders and youth who remained steadfast despite all the state atrocities and hardships and did not leave Altaf Hussain.


On this occasion, MQM Coordinating Committee Convener Mustafa Azizabadi, Deputy Convenors Shahid Raza, Rehan Ibadat, Former Convener and Liaison Committee Advisor Dr Nadeem Ehsan, Coordinating Committee Members Arshad Hussain, Atif Shamim, Hassan Butt and MQM UK Central Organizer Sohail Khanzada and all the others were present.


They also expressed their opinions. They congratulated Mr Hussain on the open hearing of the issue of pressure by secret agencies in the Supreme Court and said that it is a victory for his ideology and position that today the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts also stated this fact.  The judges are doing exactly what he have been describing for years. The members of MQM appealed to the Supreme Court to remove the ban on Mr Hussain.


On this occasion Mr Hussain demanded the release of Tehreek-e Insaf chairman Imran Khan, his wife Bushra Bibi and all the arrested persons.

6/19/2024 2:44:29 AM