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 Posted on: 8/20/2023

This is the Islamic Republic of #Pakistan where those who keep telling the people that they are their protectors and supporters of the sanctity of women. However, they arrested a young lady from her bedroom after the law enforcers broke into her house. She was in night dress. They also produced in same clothing before the court of law. They didn't even allow her to change her night dress and put on other clothing of her choice. Neither the law enforcers had any remorse or shame nor did the judge and court staffers feel any remorse on seeing the young lady in such a  condition. The victim of state atrocities is Iman Zainab Mazari. She is a well-eduated and a practicing lawyer.

Oh Iman Zainab Mazari!

What I may do at this time of your test that equally squeezed my heart.
There is extreme paucity of words that portray the condemnation of this tyranny you are a victim of.

You are the bravest lady in the country because you, on the footprints of Hazrat Bibi Zainab (ع), challenged the fascist rulers who represent the most cursed Yazidi mindset. You held the banner of truth in your hand and stood face to face to the demons in power. The cursed creatures in power did everything but they couldn't make you bow your head before them.
Your courageous will dissipate a very strong revolutionary wave among the oppressed. Your sacrifices will never go in vain.

Link :

3/4/2024 9:25:29 AM