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 Posted on: 8/20/2023
Dear Ali Wazir! SALUTE TO YOUR COURAGE You have been frequently arrested by the draconian and fascist authorities of Pakistani regime. You have been subjected to inhuman state atrocities but they couldn't make you step back an inch from your struggle. Bravo! You have been jailed time and again so that they could break your courage but to no avail. You keep standing like a man. You endured the unprecedented pain. Despite their inhuman treatment, you still stick to your principled stances. This is a typical resolve of the revolutionary minds. Dear ! Your name is Ali and the manifestation of the courage is the blessing of your name because Hazrat Ali (AS) is the icon of courage and gallantry. Don't lose hope because you'll win. You should always be steadfast. I stand on your side and pray for your safety and victory. Listen to me the most wicked cruel and oppressive rulers! You are destined to be disrespected. Remember, what you sow today, you'll reap it tomorrow. You had better release him and all the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement activists immediately. #ReleaseAliWazir #ReleaseImanMazari
Link :

7/23/2024 7:43:34 AM