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Look before you leap

Look before you leap
 Posted on: 8/8/2023 1
Mian Shahbaz Sharif!
I keenly noted your speech with heavy heart you made before the elected representatives of the fraternity of the journalists.
In particular, one of your notions that had pierced my ears was, "Those who used to declare others as robbers are behind the bar and they are facing the returns of the law of nature."
There's an old maxim, "Look before you leap. " And there shouldn't be any doubt that the law of nature only gives a reaction to what the people do.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif!
Per your notions, it might not be incorrect to assert that though @ImranKhanPTI is up the river nowadays and you and your brother are enjoying the perks, the situation could be reversed and then Imran Khan will be free and you and your brother would be in prison. Henceforth, you are advised to keep this old maxim in mind: Look before you leap!

August 8, 2023.

7/24/2024 6:45:23 PM