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For the attention of the @PTIofficial leaders and activists --Altaf Hussain

For the attention of the  @PTIofficial  leaders and activists --Altaf Hussain on Twitter
 Posted on: 5/12/2023
For the attention of the leaders and activists Adab! Who else other than me on the country's political canvases initiated the toiling struggle that targets the eradication of the country's decayed parallel systems, the politics of the dynasty and the smothering rule of the big land owners since the inception of Pakistan. It is a bitter truth that the military establishment and the military secret services particularly the inter-servivrs intelligence - ISI, are the patrons-in-chief of this sly consortium of the thugs. These patrons in military uniform with predominantly a corporate mindset devised a devastating tool of political engineering in order to keep the lion's share from the resources. Who else other than me, whose career as a student of B-pharmacy from the University of Karachi was sabotaged by the then slain military dictator General Zia Ul Haque on initiating a campaign for the return of Pakistani citizens, Biharis, from the Red Cross Camps in Bangladesh. In his Martial Law regime, on a black day of August 14, 1979, I was arrested and tried in a Summary Military Court without giving me the right of free and fair trial. What I had done was just a peaceful protest in support of Pakistani citizens, Biharis. Having implicated in a fake case, the Summary Military Court had sentenced me on October 2, 1979 with a 9 months Penal Servitude along with 5 lashes. As usual, some military officers tried to bribe me, too. There were lucrative offers they had placed before me along with the offer to expunge the fake cases. What they wanted me to do was to work as their tout which was a shameful offer and it doesn't need a verification that the shameful offer bounced back with a huge resonance. They were stunned to hearing me as I was unshaken and fearless. I told them that I had a mission for Mohajirs with regard to restoration of their rights already usurped. My struggle knew no boundaries and undoubtedly, it was equally for the rights of the oppressed 98 percent of Pakistani citizens. They were told further that my struggle meant the complete eradication of the country's decayed systems of politics of dynasty and rule of the families with big lands patronised by the ghoulish, corporate and corrupt military generals. They were told that my mission was to raise the people of middle class, elevate them to the status of the lawmakers and thus terminate the nexus of big land owners and hereditary politicians. My mission can be translated as the only rule over the country by the people, for the people. My Mohajir nation suffered with a colossal loss of lives and was heavily oppressed and compressed enough not to cry over agonies. I am a man of principles and I had no choice except to totally refuse to accept what the military establishment wanted from me. Subsequently, the military establishment launched a fierce military crackdown on my Mohajir nation and the two civilian governments provided the umbrella to the military killers. In order to fully malign the MQM the military minds created a fake idea of free land, Jinnahpur and shamelessly accused the of planning to disect Pakistan. They continued to wreak havoc on the MQM through notorious propaganda that the MQM wanted to expel Punjabis and Pashtuns from Karachi and was dumping bodies in guinea bags of opponents. The MQM was also alleged of operating torture cells. Hah. What a joke! No matter what the military establishment and the ISI did to the MQM, Mohajir nation and me, the loyalists with a clear mission ahead remained steadfast. The military establishment utterly failed to make them bow their heads. I spared no moment to condemn state atrocities and continue to side with the victims of state atrocities and oppression. As far as the state atrocities are concerned, these atrocities are always inflicted by the military establishment and the ISI. I clearly mean it and it is no secret, at all. 2/2 They aren't the victims of the alone but I had, as everything is on record, spared no moment, too, to condemn atrocities and tactful political maneuvers against the PML-N, PPP and ANP. But, unfortunately, these parties joined the military hands for their vested interests and hence the people are suffering. Once, in recent past, Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Safdar raised their voice, though it was a tactful maneuver, too, against the interference of the military establishment and the ISI in politics, my voice had equally echoed for the same. I condemned the military actions taken against them. Today, the incumbent federal government which is mainly led by the PML-N, PPP, JUI-F, MQM-P, ANP and a dozen more is grossly violating the written constitution of the country. They have initiated countless unconstitutional and unlawful actions against the PTI chairman and his colleagues and party activists. The incumbent federal government has full support of the corporate military establishment and the ISI. Every single citizen of the country whether in the country or abroad and the and I are openly condemning the corporate military establishment. And for this, puppets of the corporate military establishment and the ISI are doing to defame the MQM and me that we have monetised the support for the victimised Imran Khan and his colleagues and party activists. This is a stereotype, rotten and notorious propaganda. I can only say to the propagandists to keep propagating and keep embracing the filth because they can't price me as they couldn't in past. I have completed my 31 years in exile. I don't compromise on my principled stances. The corporate military establishment, the ISI and their meager puppets can't feel the taste of spirit of character so they weigh even the character and principles substantially. I myself am a victim of oppression and can never turn my eyes away from the state atrocities on and discrimination with any. I'm for the oppressed and vice versa. Well wisher Altaf Hussain Undisputed Founder and leader of the MQM. May 12, 2023 London.

3/2/2024 6:27:22 AM