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Judges have converted Pakistan's court into recreational theatres: Mustafa Azizabadi

Judges have converted Pakistan's court into recreational theatres: Mustafa Azizabadi
 Posted on: 2/28/2023

Judges have converted Pakistan's court into recreational theatres: Mustafa Azizabadi

The struggle of Altaf Hussain and his MQM is against this unjust judicial system


LONDON. February 28: Mustafa Azizabadi, convener of the central coordination committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement - or - MQM, has said that the judges of the higher and apex courts in Pakistan have converted courts I to recreational theatres where elites are amused and their unlawful and stolen privileges are protected.

The courts are working to safeguard the vested interests of the civil and military rulers and the powerful elite, while the unprivileged people are compelled to linger on for justice till their last breath. The struggle of Altaf Hussain and his MQM is against this unjust judicial system and this struggle will continue despite all the difficulties.


He said this while addressing a video briefing at the International Secretariat in London on Tuesday. From the video briefing, Deputy Conveners Shahid Raza, Rehan Ibadat and National and International Information Secretary Qasim Ali Raza also expressed their views. Azizabadi said that the role of the apex court is to protect the constitution but sadly it only protects the vested interests of civil and military rulers and powerful elites.


Referring to the ban imposed on Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of MQM, he said that the 3-member bench of the Lahore High Court, headed by Justice Mazahir Akbar Naqvi and it included Justice Mazhar Iqbal Sindhu and Justice Eram Sajjad Gul, imposed an embargo on writing, speech and picture of Altaf Hussain on September 7, 2015, at the behest of the establishment, which is in violation of Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan. This Article of the Constitution of Pakistan clearly states that, "Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression, and there shall be freedom of the press."

He said that the constitutional court had through this unconstitutional embargo violated the constitution.

He further said that on the issue of the ban on Altaf Hussain, eminent lawmaker, former President of the Supreme Court Bar, Asma Jahangir, pseud the case but was threatened with contempt of court proceedings.

Altaf Hussain also appealed to the Supreme Court but all had gone in vain. On approaching the Lahore High Court again against that embargo, he was told to get his power of attorney certified by the Pakistan High Commission in London and then come again. He, then, approached the High Commission in London but the authorities there refused to verify the power of attorney saying under the pretext of "A matter of policy."


Against this unconstitutional embargo, former Member of National Assembly of MQM, Nisar Panhwar, filed a constitutional petition in the Sindh High Court on 27 August 2022, which No. is (D) 4997/2022 Karachi. The hearing of this petition was to be held on August 30, but a day before, on the night of August 29, he was arrested by the paramilitary Rangers. The hearing of the petition was to be held on February 28, but the hearing was postponed to May 23, 2023.

A reason for the adjournment of the hearing was posted on Sindh High Court's website to be "As per approved policy."

He said that from the alleged audio leak of former Punjab Chief Minister and Justice Mazahir Akbar Naqvi, it is candid clear as on whose orders judges and courts work.


Shahid Raza said that the courts in Pakistan are joking in the name of justice due to which they have lost the trust of the people.

Rehan Ibadat said that the justice system in Pakistan is biased. Pakistan has separate laws for the rich and the poor. Those who belong to Punjab get all kinds of facilities and concessions. He said that the domicile difference has to be removed otherwise this discrimination will cause irreparable damage to the country.


Qasim Ali Raza said that due to the discriminatory behaviour of judges in Pakistan, fingers are being pointed at the Supreme Court and High Courts from all sides. The entire judiciary is being discredited due to corrupt judges. This situation is very embarrassing. He further said that voices are being raised from within the Supreme Court today due to the unfair behaviour of the judges. Judges have to adjust their behaviour to deliver justice to the people rather than the elite.


6/19/2024 4:26:42 AM