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Military, Civil consortium safeguarding own interests in Pakistan; says MQM CCC

Military, Civil consortium safeguarding own interests in Pakistan; says MQM CCC
 Posted on: 7/27/2022
Military, civil consortium safeguarding own interests in Pakistan; says MQM

Exigent public address of the Central Coordination Committee

LONDON. London. 27 July: Muttahidda Quami Movement's (MQM) Central Coordination Committee  (CCC), has earned the people of Pakistan especially the people of smaller provinces that the ongoing political turmoil is man-made and they are the elites of the military and civil establishment who are just safeguarding their vested interests in the garb of the supremacy of the constitution and democracy. But in fact, both the later subjects are to dupe the people. Nonetheless, the peoples' civic and political awareness as compared to the past is at apex.
Politicians from all sides, right or left are grossly involved in the ruling coalition in Punjab have been playing a double game. On one hand, they speak in favour of democracy while at the other, they twist the system to keep their feudal dynasty.
These nefarious designs of the sly cabal of feuds and military and civil establishments don't care about the people and the country. They have their interests in sight to protect.
The CCC asked Why did all those political leaders who are giving decades of direction and authority to the party leader remain silent when the traitors betrayed the MQM supremo Altaf Hussain on 22 August 2016?
The CCC expressed these views while addressing a video briefing at the MQM International Secretariat in London on Wednesday. The CCC addressing members comprised Qasim Ali Raza, Mustafa Azizabadi, Arshad Hussain, Shahid Raza, Sufyan Yusuf and Mahfooz Haideri.
It also felicitated workers and sympathisers of the MQM on the 25th foundation day of the Movement and said that on 26 July 1997, in consultation with the office bearers and workers of the movement, by expanding the scope of the movement to the national level, the Mohajir Quami Movement was changed into the Muttahidda Quami Movement.
It said that Hussain's struggle is pre-determined to end the decayed feudal system from the country.
The CCC said that for the last four months, a dangerous game is being played with the country for the benefit of the civil and military elite in Pakistan.
It was of the view that even during the Imran Khan government, the people were given a lollipop of 10 million jobs and 5 million houses, while the reality is that instead of giving jobs, the government took away jobs from the citizens and instead of building 5 million houses, houses were demolished.
A civilian dictatorship was imposed in the garb of democracy.
It said that the leaders of the political and religious parties involved in the ruling coalition in Punjab are trumpeting a drum of democracy, public mandate and political rights but the reality is that they are deceiving to the masses and are just safeguarding their own interests.
It said that during past governments of Nawaz Sharif, military operations were conducted in Karachi to crush Mohajirs and their sole representative political party, the MQM.
During his first government, military operations were conducted against MQM in 1992. Thousands of MQM workers were extrajudicially killed. When Nawaz Sharif came to power again in 1997, another military operation was conducted in Karachi. The governor's rule was imposed in Sindh but all the political parties that always pretended to be the guardian of democracy remained silent. In 2013, when Sharif became the Prime Minister for the third time, the military operation was started against MQM once again.
It said that when Hussain criticised the unconstitutional actions of some elements of the army and spoke against state atrocities, a ban was imposed on him and he was totally restricted to deliver a speech or speak to his millions of followers and party workers.
The state booked him in thousands of false cases across the country, and since past 6 years, his house has been placed under siege.
The CCC said that on August 22, 2016, military establishment picked and chose a handful of MQM office-bearers and used them to isolate Hussain under a notorious 'Minus Altaf formula.'
Name and role of founder of MQM Hussain was removed from the constitution of MQM per conspiracy of the military establishment.
When Hussain instructed his members of the parliament to resign, they took dictation from their masters in military establishment and defied his orders.
Today all political leaders who are giving and speaking about direction and authority of the party leader kept their lips glued together.
The CCC also strongly criticised the statement of Federal Minister for Energy Khurram Dastgir that the demand of the full court hearing came because it is for 120 million Punjabis.
It said that for the past few months, no-confidence motion in Pakistan, change of government, riots in the name of constitution and law in the High Court and Supreme Court are happening only for the interests of Punjabis.
It further said that even today the leaders of Punjab are giving the message that the state, politics, democracy, constitution, law, government, opposition and all such dramas are for Punjabis and Punjab only.
This is a well orchestrated game that is being staged in order to protect the interests of the military and civil elites which has nothing to do with the interests of the four provinces and all the ethnic identities of the country.
In the light of this situation, when people say that "Punjab is Pakistan and Pakistan is Punjab", they are not wrong.
The CCC said that the entire country has been submerged in torrential rains and floods for several days; people are dying; dams are overflowing, bridges have inundated, roads, highways are being destroyed.
Karachi feeds the country, it provides 70 percent of total revenue to the country but suffers destruction due to rains. People's lives are being lost there.
Country's economy is on the verge of collapse, the currency has been immensely devalued against US $.
US$ is trading at PKR 239; the country is going to bankrupt, but
instead of paying attention to this disastrous situation of the country, the civil and military elites are engaged in the game of protecting their vested interests.
It said that Jamat-e Islami (JI) has always been a 'B' team of the military establishment. JI's dream of occupying Karachi will never come true.

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