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 Posted on: 3/21/2021


Elements spitting their venoms against Altaf Hussain are real foes of Pakistan – A so-called political analyst retired military general Amjad Shoaib portrays the fears of the establishment with the accelerated advancement of Hussain’s ideology – Leveling accusations of terrorism on MQM is a tricky business of Military establishment of which Shoaib is a touting agent - Pakistan listed in FATF’s Grey list is based on realities that Pakistan is the biggest exporter of terrorism to the world and the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi’s statements are already on record that Pakistan created Al Qaeda, Taliban and other jihadi organisations

LONDON. March, 21, 2021:
The Muttahidda Quami Movement’s (MQM) Central Coordination Committee (CCC) has claimed that the Movement has made extraordinary advancements in all corners particularly the ideology of the Movements’ creator, Altaf Hussain has been greatly embraced in recent years though the Military establishment left no stone unturned to malign the Movement and its Supremo in fake cases of criminal acts. In fact, the Military establishment, the feuds, the perpetrators who hijacked the country and occupied its institutions and resources are afraid of Hussain’s ideology.Tariq Jawaid who is the Deputy Convener of the MQM along with CCC members including Qasim Ali Raza and Mustafa Azizabadi unleashed these facts while addressing a video briefing at the MQM International Secretariat in London, Sunday.
Tariq Jawaid said that this current month of March, the Movement had announced to commemorate the 37th Foundation Day at the Mukkah Chowk located in Azizabad. The Establishment believed that MQM was over and Hussain was not getting support from workers and people but soon after the announcement, the workers and the people started preparations in full swing. Witnessing these preparations, the establishment got perplexed. It started applying the decayed tricks sabotage the commemorations plans of the Movement. They cordoned off Mukkah Chowk and issued warnings to the bakers of dire consequences in case they would sell cakes to Mohajirs. Nonetheless, millions of Mohajirs celebrated the Foundation Day in their homes.The video dialogue based on bigoted views released by retired Military General Amjad Shoaib, who has been pushed to TV screens as analysts with the backing of the ISPR, is also part of this series. The allegations leveled by Shoaib against Hussain are nothing but a manifest of inner fear that is pouring out from the mouthpiece of the Establishment.
If Shoaib is sincere indeed so he should inform the nation about all his assets he made during his Military service and that he should stop barking at others sans proof. It is the mindset of Military Generals and for sure Shoaib is no exception, to accuse others of treason.  He had accused not only Hussain but also the country's leading physicist Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy of treason, while Shoaib was among those who were responsible for dissecting Pakistan into separate states, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Shoaib is also among those who divided Pakistan and hence is among the traitors indeed. A TV talk show clip was also played on the occasion that highlighted Shoaib's speech in support of TTP terrorist Ehsanullah Ehsan and other Taliban terrorists.
Jawaid said that Shoaib accuses MQM of terrorism but he is the biggest supporter of Taliban and Jihadi organisations and hence Pakistan is in FATF’s Grey list.
 Azizabadi while addressing the conference, vehemently slammed Shoaib. Shoaib’s bias, hatred and prejudices against MQM, Hussain and Mohajirs are no secret. Shoaib in a talk show had claimed responsibility for the terrorist incidents in Pakistan and while advocating for TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan and other Taliban terrorists said that Ehsanullah Ehsan and other Taliban terrorists were not involved in terrorism and had pleaded that though these terrorists were not directly involved, hence awarding them sentence would go in excess.
Azizabadi said, “Shoaib's statement is naked support to TTP spokesperson Ehsan and other Taliban terrorists because Ehsan had claimed responsibility for the massacre of innocent children and teachers in Army Public School and College, Peshawar and other countless terror acts.
He asked General Amjad Shoaib that Hussain has not talked about killing a single person till date; he did not touch a single finger, and then why hundreds of murder cases were made against him. Isn't it an exaggeration to involve him in fake cases?
He also strongly condemned the latest order issued by FIA on March 17, 2021 to seal the Khursheed Begum Public Secretariat adjacent to MQM headquarters Nine Zero and said that Khursheed Begum Public Secretariat attached to Nine Zero and its adjoining 1992 MPA hostels were also illegally sealed by the government during the operation and on August 22, 2016, they were sealed again and they are still sealed. The orders to seal them and the baseless allegations leveled against the MQM and its founder and leader Hussain are a proof of the FIA's bewilderment.
Qasim Ali Raza Member Of Coordination Committee  while speaking on the occasion said that the allegations of terrorism by Shoaib against Hussain and MQM were not only reprehensible but also ridiculous.He said that during his visit to the United States and the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Imran Khan himself had stated in international forums that Pakistan's military and security agencies had formed, trained and paid for al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other jihadi organisations. It is an acknowledgment of who are breeding and who are exporting terrorism.
He said that it was because of the formation and sponsorship of terrorist organisations that the FATF put Pakistan on the Grey List and sanctions on Pakistan are hovering around.  He questioned whether the MQM was responsible for the FATF's sanctions or the elements that, according to Imran Khan, formed and sponsored al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other jihadist organisations.
Raza asked Shoaib to explain as how did General Kiyani buy the island in Australia?  How did General Asim Saleem Bajwa spread the business of Papa John’s? He questioned that is this a patriotism? He said in spite of the allegation and propaganda, public popularity MQM and Mr. Altaf Hussain has not declined and we will Continue our struggle 


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