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 Posted on: 11/1/2020

The military and the rulers of Pakistan have remained silent on the insolence of the Holy Prophet in China - Quaid-e Tehreek Altaf Hussain's talk in a special program of online channel "Meri Awaaz Suno" - Congratulations to all the leaders and activists of the movement, including the convener of MQM America and the Coordination Committee, for conducting the successful four-day awareness campaign

LONDON. November , 2020:
Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain, who is an ideologue, an architect of Mohajir Nation, a rights tribune, a philanthropist, an academician, a philosopher, a politician, a polymath statesman has said that the army has sold the whole of Pakistan into the hands of China, therefore the army and the rulers of Pakistan have remained silent on the atrocities committed against Muslims in China and even the insolence of the Holy Prophet.He was speaking on the last day of a four-day awareness campaign run by MQM America on a special program on the online channel "Meri Awaaz Suno".
Hussain congratulated all the listeners on the birthday of the Muhammad (peace be upon him) and said that today is the day of birth of this great being whom The Creator gave the status of Prophet. The Prophet Muhammad conveyed the message of truth and nothing but the truth.He reminded the audience that it was the day of the anniversary of the tragedy that happened of October 31, 1986 which was snatched away from us by the powerful forces, adding that the falling of the anniversary of those who were martyred on 12th of Rabiul Awwal was an indication by the Almighty that they were on the right path.Highlighting the tragedy of October 31, 1986, he said that we were busy preparing for the historic meeting to be held in the cities and villages of Hyderabad and Sindh in Pakka Qilla. Slogans and hymns were echoing everywhere. The army and its agencies, ISI and MI, planned to attack our processions, so when the MQM processions, which were leaving Karachi to attend the Pakka Qilla rally, reached Sohrab Goth, they opened fire on our processions under planned scheme of the government agencies. As a result of which seven young MQM workers were martyred and dozens were injured. When those convoys of MQM reached Hyderabad, they also opened fire on our processions at Market Chowk, killing six workers and injuring dozens. Instead of arresting the perpetrators, thousands of MQM workers and him were arrested. The army and its agencies had chosen areas where Pakhtuns lived to attack MQM rallies so that the conspiracy of Pakhtun vs Mohajirs could be put into practice under its guise and no one can go to the army and its agencies. Government agencies were involved in that conspiracy. They succeeded and riots broke out in Karachi, but he wrote a detailed letter from jail to Awami National Party chief and Pakhtun leader Khan Abdul Wali Khan informing him about this conspiracy of the army and the factors behind it. He said that his letter to the then MQM Chairman late Azeem Ahmad Tariq met Khan at Wali Bagh and handed over the letter to him. He was a senior politician. He read the letter and understood the conspiracy, so he informed the leaders of Awami National Party in Karachi and thus the conspiracy of Pakhtun Mohajir riots failed.
Mr. Hussain said, "I ask why our processions were attacked on October 31, 1986. What was our fault?" What was our crime? After all, did we destroy the army? What was our battle with the army? We didn't say anything against anyone? There was nothing in our demands and slogans except for the rights of the Mohajirs that the army had to attack.He said that the tragedy of October 31, 1986, which started a series of atrocities against the MQM, did not end and continued unabated. The army believed that the MQM would be wiped out, the MQM would be disbanded, after October 31, December 14, 1986, Aligarh and Qasba Colony were attacked, hundreds of Mohajirs were massacred. When the MQM did not break even on this and the army formed an organization called "Punjabi Pakhtun Ittehad" (PPI) through which attacks were carried out on Nazimabad, Jalalabad, Model Town, Khawaja Ajmer Nagari and other areas just for the domination of the army and to stop any party working for the rights of the Mohajirs. When the MQM did not cease despite those attacks, a series of state operations were launched against the MQM. The military operation, which began in 1992, continued till 1997 and beyond, and in one form or another, military operations continued against us. In 2013, the army decided to ban the voice of his in order to eradicate the MQM. Once again, a state operation was launched against the MQM and Nine Zero was sealed from where a middle class youth (Altaf Hussain) had risen and formed a party for the rights of Mohajirs, made them a force and made MQM the third largest party in the country and the second largest in Sindh.
Mr. Hussain said that that success of MQM did not go unnoticed by the Establishment because they believed that this country was not built for the rule of the poor, only the army, landlords and aristocrats had the right to rule. Here he (Altaf Hussain) made the poor and middle class youth members of assemblies. Campaigning was unaffordable and even they could not afford to make their own banners for electioneering.Hussain asked if in the 73 year history of Pakistan there is any other party besides MQM which has elected so many educated youth belonging to poor and middle class and brought them to the assemblies. We have not done anything wrong. Instead, we pushed the poor and middle class to participate in politics.
Mr. Hussain said that we call ourselves Muslims but there is a contradiction in our words and deeds that today the whole nation of Islam has deteriorated to such an extent that Muslims are looked down upon all over the world and as soon as they hear the name of a Muslim, they are considered terrorists. Pakistan has come to be known as a country that spreads terrorism. We have not established good relations with any neighbouring country. We have no dispute with Afghanistan but Pakistan has intervened in the war between the Soviet Union and the United States in Afghanistan. Did the people decide to join that war? It was not the people but the army generals who formed a group of clerics in the name of Islam through which Jihadi seminaries were set up across the country where youth were encouraged to commit terrorism in the name of Jihad; suicide bombers were prepared and thousands of youth were recruited in the name of Jihad. Thousands were made escape goat but the instigators of Jihad are still alive today and their descendants live in America and Europe; the generals are living a luxurious life while the families of the martyrs of the war are living a miserable life due to their involvement in the Russian-American war.Today Afghanistan has become our enemy; we once had good relations with China but we also sent Jihadist to China on behalf of foreign powers and today when we see that the interests of the United States and the West have disappeared from South and Central Asia and China is becoming a regional power. Pakistan's military generals have become part of China's expansionist ambitions for their own interests. Are the main islands of China, Gwadar and Sindh have been sold by the people of Pakistan or by the generals of the army? Has the decision of CPEC been taken by the people or the generals of the army?
Hussain said that unscrupulous Muftis are openly saying that if anyone in France, Denmark and Western countries commits blasphemy in the name of Prophet Muhammad or makes blasphemous sketches, they will protest against him. But if the same process is done in China and mosques in China are turned into pubs, there will be no protest from the military generals, religious parties and their leaders because they have sold the whole of Pakistan to China.He said that on the 12th of Rabiul Awwal, a comedy program was aired on Chinese state television in which a portrait of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h) was shown but a word was uttered by any Mufti, political and religious leader against the country for insulting the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h). This means that the descendants of the army that fired on the Kaa’ba did not feel ashamed of the act of insulting the Holy Prophet in China.
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has said in an interview that he wants to bring Chinese system in Pakistan i.e, aristocratic system to eradicate religion. He said that there are cases against him in t UK. Whatever be the outcome of these cases, he will not admit the lie.He reminded, “My house has been locked since August 22, 2016, my writing, speech has been banned and it is said that there is no one in Pakistan who takes the name of Altaf Hussain but he is not ashamed that these elements in every TV talk show call names to him.” “This process has been made mandatory because without doing so they will not get clearance from the army.”Today on television a federal minister of the PTI government Shibli Faraz was speaking about PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq But suddenly he started talking nonsense about hm(Altaf Hussain) for no reason.
Hussain said that Shibli Faraz is actually a replica child, a murderer of the ideology of his father Ahmed Faraz and by supporting the illegitimate actions of the military generals, he is actually denying his father's thoughts and ideas. Ahmed Faraz had written a poem on the fall of Dhaka and the subsequent military atrocities in Sindh thus condemning the military generals whom Shibli Faraz is flattering today. Shibli Faraz who is licking the boots of the military generals should once visit his father's grave and tender his unconditional apology.On this occasion, he recited Ahmad Faraz's poem "Professional Killers!!" You are not soldiers. ”Hussain said that Pakistan has become a hotbed of hypocrites where the hypocrites used to offer prayers. They are selling the country to China. Such elements should be boycotted in a peaceful and democratic manner.He commended all the leaders and workers of the movement, including the convener of the Coordinating Committee, for running the four-day campaign under MQM America.He said that the Destinations are not about thinking and writing, but about acting and taking action. If those in the movement pledge that they have no fear of death in the struggle for rights and will begin to present themselves to death, then death will begin to flee from them. This is the principle of the world. He said that it is necessary to act for the attainment of rights, therefore the youth of the nation must move towards pragmatism and be ready to come to the field and offer all kinds of sacrifices for the survival and security of the nation.
He said that it is necessary to act for the attainment of rights, therefore the youth of the nation must move towards pragmatism and be ready to come to the arena and offer all kinds of sacrifices for the survival and security of the nation. He said that mothers, sisters and elders have also played a great role in the movement which no one can remove from history. In the struggle for rights, mothers, sisters and elders were also tortured but their courage. Referring to the Bahadurabad mob, he said that those who have been keeping their hands on the Holy Quran every year and keeping their vows to him have made a deal with their conscience. These traitors of martyrs and nation are still spreading false news that they have reached an agreement with Altaf Hussain. “I want to make it clear that these traitors are liars and cunning. It would be wrong to pardon any one of them.”At the end of his speech, He paid rich tribute to the loyal workers all over the world. He also prayed for the nations to be saved from state atrocities

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