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 Posted on: 10/10/2020

“We will not allow anyone to take over the property of Sindh”

LONDON. OCTOBER 10, 2020: 
Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader, philanthropist, academician, thinker, philosopher, rights tribune and statesman Altaf Hussain has said that in a country where history is based on lies, only liars will be born and, in a country, where the bitter truths of history are taught, the children of that country know the facts and tell the truth.  Zardars have sold the lands as well as the islands of Sindh.  The islands belong to Sindh. The people of Sindh should support him and he will take back these islands and will not allow anyone to take over the property of Sindh.
He said these words while giving a video lecture the other day. His video lecture was broadcast live on social media all over the world. 
He said that history is of two kinds, one is the history which is written in praise of kings, princes, nobles and feudal lords and the other is the history which is written by neutral writers, critics, historians and philosophers. 
He said that he has always described the bitter realities of Pakistan's history.  Historical references have proved that Allama Iqbal was a great and good poet but to call him the thinker of Pakistan is tantamount to distorting history. Iqbal was against the establishment of Pakistan but in the history taught to the youth, he is not only said to be a supporter of Pakistan but also to be included among the leaders of Pakistan as a dreamer of Pakistan when he passed away in 1938. Those who know the facts are the ones who tell the truth.While citing the example, said that the British had occupied different countries of the world, after the occupation of India, people were massacred at Jallianwala Bagh, but today the Queen of Britain goes to the memorial of Jallianwala Bagh in India barefoot and regrets that massacre. Only nations that speak and acknowledge the bitter truths of history make progress in the world and the situation is that the military government of Pakistan did not memorated the anniversary of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Hussain said that the principle of ‘might is right’ is being followed in all era.  The U.S. military has invaded Iraq without reason, seized Iraqi oil installations, overthrew the Iraqi government, executed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and tortured Iraqi men and Iraqi women when some U.S. soldiers thought they had been granted full immunity so some of the U. S. marines committed war crimes and then the United States has sentenced American soldiers to death for committing adultery. Pakistani soldiers in the former East Pakistan killed and tortured their compatriots and Muslim Bengali people as well as raped Bengali women and then 93,000 soldiers surrendered after the fall of Dhaka.He said that some imposters in the disguise of scholars say that the army belongs to our country and not to any other country but this army of ours is raping mothers, sisters and daughters of their own country. Clerics who say such things should be ashamed; oppressing their Muslim countrymen; It is un-Islamic to call the demolition army as Pak army. Whoever calls such an oppressive army as Pak army will be a hypocrite and lies and hypocrites are cursed by Allah Almighty. Today in the name of Islam in Balouchistan, Sindh and tribal areas, blood is being shed and hypocrites are still the champions of ‘long live Islam’ slogans.

The army has killed thousands of Balouch, Sindhis and Mohajirs, yet Altaf Hussain is still called a terrorist. Analysts, who have been calling Hussain a terrorist, they and hundreds of scholars are not ashamed that the country was divided due to oppression, barbarism and injustice and these miscreants still take the name of Allah and His Messenger, fraudulently swear by Qur'an and pretend to tell the truth to the nation. No one can tell the truth that whose army of any country in the world which is involved in all kinds of business. The truth is that Pakistan's military is involved in everything from housing societies to selling meat; Pakistan has had a “MILITARYCRACY” instead of democracy for 70 years, and ISPR spokesmen Major Generals lie to the nation that the military is not involved in politics.
Hussain said that there is no other leader except him, who openly addresses the army in this way. even today, those who make tall claims of democracy, instead of telling the truth, say that we are not against Imran khan but against his facilitators.  i would ask them to speak the whole truth and the whole truth is that the entire army is not khan’s facilitator but a few army generals and few ISI officers who brought khan into power.
Hussain said that earlier they used to ridicule on him as being a Quaid (Leader) but today there is no party in the country which does not have a Quaid. Everyone is licking the boots of army but still they are not ashamed. It is being said by such elements that why Altaf Hussain speaks from London and whoever has to do politics should do politics in Pakistan but now those who used to talk like this are speaking from London and they do not dislike the speech from London. Those who say such things should be brave and instead of speaking from London they should go to Pakistan and do politics. Those who speak of democracy and bravery are so cowardly that the name of Altaf Hussain has not yet come out of their mouths that Altaf Hussain is the only one among the leaders of Pakistan who from day one is against the military dictatorship, decayed feudal system, bigoted and unbridled capitalists. He (Hussain) is against the capitalist system which oppresses the poor peasants, farmers and laborers.
Hussain said that the job of the army is to defend the borders of the country and not to do politics. Every Commissioned officer of Army take an oath that they will not take part in politics directly or indirectly. A military officer who participates in politics plainly violates the constitution and his oath, too. There is no democracy in Pakistan.Explaining the definition of the word Democracy, he said that it is a Greek word derived from Demos which means those who live in a city-state while Kratos means rule. Thus the word Democracy is made up of these two words. The definition of democracy in this regard is the system of government of the people or the system of government in which the people collectively rule through their elected representatives or elected persons. Stratocracy is in fact the antithesis of democracy. Stratos means army and Cracy means rule of a particular government or a certain style. Thus, stratocracy means the rule of the army which is the opposite of democracy. Unfortunately, Pakistan is not a democracy but a stratocracy. The army is ruling the country directly or indirectly. Even today, any criticism of the army has been declared against the law and the one who dares to expose the army is held a traitor. It looks as if army is not human but angels. He said when the speech of Mian Nawaz Sharif was banned, the Islamabad High Court rejected the ban and ruled against it. Thus, the Islamabad High Court has ruled that a Punjabi cannot be a traitor. It is not called Justice but Travesty of Justice.  This is the law of the jungle where the inhabitants think only of themselves.
Hussain said that the army had banned his speech at a time when the court had not even given its verdict. An order was later issued by the High Court.  Then, on August 22, 2016, on the basis of his speech, army invaded and his house was sealed.
He saluted the eminent rights activist and lawyer Ms. Asma Jahangir who pleaded his case in the court of law at a time when no lawyer was ready to take up the case. That is why the army first threatened her and then poisoned her to death.
He said that no civil bureaucrat can get a job till two years after retirement but a military general can get another job before retirement. The federation has seized the mineral resources of Balochistan and Sindh. Balochistan has gas, gold, silver and numerous mineral resources but the federation has seized them. Similarly, Sindh has oil, coal, gas and other mineral resources. However, they are also occupied by the federation through the army and the people of Sindh are happy to wear only Sindhi Topi (Cap) and Ajrak. In order to maintain the greatness of Sindhi Topi and Ajrak, the occupation of mineral resources of Sindh must be ended.He said that now an attempt is being made to occupy the islands of Sindh as well. The PPP government in Sindh itself wrote a letter to the federal government expressing its consent to sell the islands that belong to Sindh. This way the Zardars (Feudal) has sold islands along with lands. It is imperative for Sindhis to join hands with him (Altaf Hussain) and he will take back these islands and will not allow anyone to take possession of Sindh.

Hussain said that nowadays there is talk of Karachi province and Mohajir province and the sentiments of the people are being aroused on this slogan. He asked that East Pakistan was also a province but what were the rights of Bengalis?  Balouchistan is also a province but did Balouchistan get its rights? Balouchistan was a Princely State, it was occupied in 1948 and Balouchistan has been enslaved till date.
He said that we believe that the provinces are there to run the administrative affairs, the federation should have only defense, currency and foreign departments; all other powers should be with the provinces. When Sindhu Desh will be established, we will establish the same system there. We will also support the Baloch for the independence of Balochistan.

Hussain appealed to the Mohajirs and Sindhis to remain as brothers. Find and recognise the traitors in their respective ranks and never fight each other. We will live together and we will die together.

7/13/2024 6:42:11 PM