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Pakka Qila carnage worst of state terrorism:Altaf Hussain

 Posted on: 5/26/2020
Pakka Qila  carnage worst of state terrorism:Altaf Hussain

LONDON.  MAY 26, 2020: Muttahida Quami Movement's (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain has said that Paka Qila Hyderabad carnage was the worst example of state terrorism.
"We will never let the sacrifices of our martyrs go in vain", he vowed.
On 30th anniversary of the carnage, he paid rich tribute to those who lost their lives.
He claimed that Hyderabad is the city of his trusted and devoted followers. The people of Hyderabad have repeatedly been victimised by the state for their unwavering rights movement.
In a statement, he said that the people of Pakka Qila Hyderabad were subjected to atrocities during the PPP regime 30 years ago. Armed dacoits in uniform held  them under siege. Power, water, gas and telecommunications services were  cut off. Thousands of Pakka Qila residents protested peacefully against those atrocities. When Mohajirs including mothers, the senescent men and women and children took to street, the armed assailants in uniform of law enforcers opened straight fire. Even they massacred those women who had held the Holy  Quran above their heads.
The MQM Founder Hussain said that the persecution was that the Mohajirs who were martyred in state-sponsosered terrorism were even not allowed to be buried in the city's graveyards and hence they were compelled to be buried in the premise of Paka Qila Hyderabad.
He said that there was no talk show on the brutal killings of defense less men, women and children in Paka Qila Hyderabad. Conversely, there was no mention in the media against naked terrorism of which only Mohajirs were a target. Mohajirs have been victims of terrorism in Karachi, Hyderabad, and in nook and cranny of rural and urban Sindh.
He said that Paka Qila  carnage was the worst of state terrorism.
"The pain and blood from killings of the innocent and defenseless Mohajirs still fresh in memory of Mohajir Nation", he said adding that the trusted, devoted and loyal workers of the MQM and Mohajirs will never allow the sacrifices of those martyred especially, Paka Qila Hyderabad  carnage to go in vain.
He vowed that revenge would be taken but in strict accordance to the constitution and law.
"Blood of each martyr will be accounted for."
He asserted that the martyrs of the MQM will always live in memory of the devoted, trusted and loyal affiliates of the Movement.
Mohajir will continue with their struggle for equal rights and will one day reach their destination with the blessings of blood and sacrifices of the Mohajir martyrs, the MQM founder asserted confidently.
He paid tribute to the martyrs of the Pakka Qila Hyderabad  carnage in glorious words.

6/27/2022 10:50:17 AM