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No talks with any sans consultation with Balouch leaders; says Altaf Hussain

No talks with any sans consultation with Balouch leaders; says Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/7/2019 1

No talks with any sans consultation with Balouch leaders; says Altaf Hussain

 ·         Pakistan’s Military has to tell why nuclear arsenal was created with billions from taxpayers’ money if they can’t protect Kashmir – India has now closed the chapter of Kashmir - Pakistan’s Military should tender unconditional apology for massacre of minorities, Shiite Muslim and Oppressed Nations, Mohajirs, Blaouchs, Pashtuns – Imran Khan had surrendered Kashmir to India during his recent visit to the United States – MQM Founder and Leader


LONDON. Aug 06, 2019: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain has categorically asserted that he can’t be engaged and none can drag him to any talks sans proper consultation with oppressed and victimized Balouch leaders and freedom fighters.

He was talking to MQM designees of the USA, Canada and South Africa over phone from London.

He said that Pakistan’s military, Rangers, Frontier Constabulary and Police have butchered the innocent Mohajirs, Balouchs, Pashtuns and other oppressed nations in Pakistan. The cries of these oppressed nations are now being translated into wrath of God on the military and its peripheral forces. Pakistan’s economy is collapsing and Pakistan has been defeated on the front of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that the Blaouchs have been offering great sacrifices for their rights. No talks with him at any level, on any forum and with any entity are solely conditioned by proper consultation with brave Balouch leaders and freedom fighters. Any step could only be taken under their consultation and advice.

He said that, “Pakistan’s military has to tender unconditional apology to Mohajirs, Balouchs and Pashtuns for what havoc they have so far wreaked on oppressed nation in Pakistan.”

He said that the military should ensure that they would bring back Pakistanis from 66 Red Cross camps in Bangladesh and then military would be guided to prevent compete shut down of Pakistan in near future.

While commenting on India’s move on revoking the autonomous status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, he said that the move was not sudden but was a result of detailed legislation in India by the Indian government. However, at a time when India was finalizing her preparations for revoking the article 370, Pakistan’s military, ISI and government of Pakistan were busy in hors trading in the Senate to defeat joint opposition in the Senate that had move a No Confidence Motion against the Senate Chairman, Sadique Sanjrani.

He said that the people of Pakistan have been misguided on Kashmir since past 71 years. Prime Minister Imran Khan had on his return from the USA’s visit stated that it was his feeling as if he had won another World Cup. “The truth was that he had surrendered the Kashmir during his visit to the USA.”

Hussain said that the ISPR DG who misses no opportunity for tweeting on Cricket and pie dogs had maintained complete silence on Kashmir. Conversely, Pakistan’s foreign minister, defense minister and home minister also observed complete silence on the same matter. The bottom line is that India has through revocation of the article 370, has merged Kashmir and Ladakh into India.

He said that, “India has now closed the chapter of Jammu and Kashmir”. “The people of Pakistan have right to question as why billions from their taxes were spent on building nuclear sites and bombs.”

He said that Pakistan’s military had often occupied the country and suspended the constitution but they avoided action against India when Kashmir was under attack. Pakistan’s military was supposed to attack on India and hoist Pakistani flag on Lal Qila in Delhi and free the occupied Kashmir.

He said that he has always preached for religious and sectarian harmony and respect for humanity and those who would review their wrong stances and take a firm decision of not repeating their mistakes and follies are in real true humans.

Today, all the companions and followers are happy and satisfied seeing every prediction is translated into a reality and time is not far when the oppression would die of its own soon.

He lauded the determination and steadfastness of all the companions and followers for unwavering adherence to the Movement’s struggle and sharing their pecuniary contributions for overcoming the acute financial crunch of the MQM.

He asked the workers and designees to keep them mentally and physically alert and prepared to deal with the coming events, conditions and circumstances.


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