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Opening of ‘Kartarpur Corridor’ marred by Pakistan’s Hypocrisy: Altaf Hussain

Opening of ‘Kartarpur Corridor’ marred by Pakistan’s Hypocrisy: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/3/2018
Opening of ‘Kartarpur Corridor’ marred by Pakistan’s Hypocrisy: Altaf Hussain

LONDON. Dec 2, 2018:

Opening of the “Kartarpur Corridor” to please the Sikh nation is indeed a laudable deed. However, the aims and objectives of that particular move were wrapped up in vested interests of Pakistan against India.
Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said this while welcoming the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor.
However, he said the good deed was marred by the Pakistani Foreign Minister, who had shortly after the opening ceremony declared it was a “Googley”, a term used in Cricket that normally puzzles the batsman and hence the Indian counterpart, Ms. Shushma Swaraj had promptly responded to the Pakistani FM’s tweet. The whole scheme was thus exposed.
Mr. Hussain said that Mohajirs have great respect for Hazrat Khawaja Hazrat Khawaja Nizam Ud Din Auliya (R.A) and Hazrat Khawaja Moeen Ud Din Chishti (R.A), while shrine is in India. Sadly, the custodian of that Holly shrine of eminent saint was arrested in Pakistan during his visit and was enforced to disappear. He was able to get freed after toiling efforts of Indian government in diplomatic front.
He said that Mohajirs also want to reach the shrine of the holy saint Hazrat Khawaja Nizam Ud Din Auliya (R.A) through a short journey from Khokhrapar and Mona Abou Border but the military establishment has always hampered and opposed the opening of that Khokhrapar and Mona Abou in the garb of “Security Risk.”
The Movement’s founder leader placed the Pakistan Military Chief under intense criticism over hugging a Cricket from India, and nobody was considered as Indian agent. In case, he continued to say, he (Hussain) had hugged Indian Premier Mr. Narendra Modi, the military of Pakistan had immediately declared him an agent of India. He slammed this double standard.
He vociferously demanded that the Khokhrapar and Mona Abou Border must also be opened so that seventy million Mohajirs could also visit India to perform their pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Hazrat Moeen Ud Din Chishti (R.A) in Rajasthan.
He said that he welcomes and supports efforts for peace between Pakistan and India but the Pakistani authorities and military establishment should stop playing dirty games and should also stop discriminatory policies against Mohajirs. The Khokhrapar and Mona Abou borders that would facilitate Mohajirs should be immediately opened.

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