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MQM Convener calls on Congressman Ted Poe in Washington D.C

MQM Convener calls on Congressman Ted Poe in Washington D.C
 Posted on: 6/28/2017

MQM Convener calls on Congressman Ted Poe in Washington D.C


“Nadeem Nusrat informs U. S. lawmaker Ted Poe about sufferings of Mohajirs – Nadeem Nusrat on behalf of father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussain conveyed high appreciation and cordial thanks to U. S. lawmaker Ted Poe for raising Mohajir issue in U. S. Congress - U. S. lawmaker Ted Poe shows grave concern on sufferings of Mohajirs and vows to help them get rid of state atrocities”


Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Pakistan Coordination Committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat called on highly influential U. S. Congressman Mr. Ted Poe at Capital Hills in Washington D.C on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. Eminent Congressman Mr. Dana Rohrabacher was also present in the meeting. The meeting discussed about Pakistan’s policies towards Mohajirs and other ethnic folks in minority.

The MQM Convener informed Mr. Poe in detail about multi-faceted agony of Mohajirs in Karacjhi, atrocities on them from Pakistan’s security forces under state repressive actions, deaths of Mohajirs in unlawful and without legal charge by Pakistan army’s peripheral paramilitary security force, Pakistan Rangers, arbitrary arrests of innocent Mohajirs and exposure to inhuman torture on them for change of loyalty in favour of army-created factions PSP and PIB gangs.

Mr. Poe remained very attentive to the MQM Convener and having noted the details showed his deep concern on atrocities on Mohajirs by the Pakistan army and its other security forces such as Rangers in Karachi.

He assured the MQM Convener that he won’t sit quiet and calm over these inhuman acts and would play his role to seek an end to these atrocities and injustices, which the Mohajirs are victims of.

Mr. Nusrat shared all details with Mr. Poe with proofs and evidences on ongoing military operation against Mohajirs in Karachi, arbitrary arrests of Mohajirs, their custodial deaths by Rangers and Police, inhuman and nerve-writhing torture on MQM workers in unlawful detention.

He also informed the U. S. Congressman Mr. Poe that the paramilitary Rangers are kidnapping MQM workers and are torturing them for change of loyalty in favour of army-led factions and those courageous workers who refused to change their loyalty are tortured to death and Rangers are dumping their mutilated bodies on deserted lands in Karachi’s periphery.

He further informed him that father of Mohajir Nation Mr. Altaf Hussain has been unlawfully restricted to speak to his nation, workers and people. They are the army and their agencies and security forces that have imposed an unannounced and unlawful ban on Mr. Hussain.

The MQM Convener Mr. Nusrat also told him that Pakistan’s premier intelligence service, ISI is kidnapping MQM workers. The workers kidnapped are exposed to vehement torture for change of their loyalty in favour of army-created factions. The number of MQM workers, who have been enforced to disappear by the ISI has reached 150.

The U. S. Congressman Mr. Poe assured the MQM convener that he would play his role to help Mohajirs rid the atrocities.

It would be pertinent to mention that the MQM Convener Mr. Nusrat is on a trip to U. S. A., and has called on eminent U. S. Lawmakers especially Senator Mr. John McCain, Congressman Mr. Dana Rohrabacher, key personalities from U. S. Think Tanks and other highly influential people. The MQM Convener has in his meetings with all the U. S. lawmakers and dignitaries, shared details on atrocities and sufferings of Mohajirs.

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