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MQM workers in Hyderabad also facing state repression:Coordination Committee MQM

MQM workers in Hyderabad also facing state repression:Coordination Committee MQM
 Posted on: 5/30/2017

MQM workers in Hyderabad also facing state repression: MQM Coordination Committee
“Police misbehaved, tortured women during raids – Anti-Mohajir PPP’s provincial government in connivance with establishment implementing agenda of crushing Mohajirs and imposing traitors’ gangs”

Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Pakistan Coordination Committee has vehemently condemned the law enforcement agencies on arbitrary arrests of MQM workers and their family members in Hyderabad.
In a statement issued here in London, the committee said that Police had registered a fake case against MQM Hyderabad Sector-H member and others at the behest of PIB Gang in connivance with PPP local leader. Police have implicated MQM workers on the bases of a fake dispute between MQM workers and son of a local PPP leader and Police conducted night long raids on houses of MQM workers in Lateefabad.
Subsequent to raids, Police arrested a member of Union Council-72. Police raided on the house of Sector HJoint in-charge Iqbal and member of MQM Unit Arshad and arrested 50 year old brother of Iqbal, Masroor, in his absence. During raid on Arshad’s, Police misbehaved with female family members of Arshad and slapped his spouse and used foul language.
The committee said that the anti-Mohajir provincial government of PPP in connivance with the establishment is fulfilling the agenda of crushing Mohajirs in Karachi and Hyderabad. Mohajirs are passing through most horrendous time of state repression in form of arbitrary arrests an custodial murders. MQM workers are being booked in fake cases on a large scale because the establishment is executing its plans of imposing different gangs it has created to suppress Mohajirs. However, the establishment should bear this fact in minds that the citizens of Hyderabad are loyal to MQM founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain and all tactics, all sorts of repression and all draconian acts can never force Mohajirs to change their loyalty.
It demanded that raids and arbitrary arrests should be stopped immediately and all MQM workers under arrest should be set free without fail.

6/23/2024 1:13:36 PM