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MQM history of struggle is incomplete without martyrs’ sacrifices: Altaf Hussain

MQM history of struggle is incomplete without martyrs’ sacrifices: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/26/2017

MQM history of struggle is incomplete without martyrs’ sacrifices: Altaf Hussain

“On May 26-27, 1990, Mohajirs ofPukka Qila were massacred under PPP government backing – Water, phone and powerservices were removed before security personnel carried genocide of Mohajirs atPukka Qila – Security personnel showered volley of bullets on women andchildren who had held the holy Quran in their hands appealing for mercy –Courts are now acquitting killers one after another”

Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain while paying rich tribute to the MQM martyrs of Pukka Qila (Concrete Fort) in Hyderabad, said that the loyal and devoted workers of MQM would never forget 25, 000 martyrs and their sacrifices and would take the movement to its logical destination.

He stated this in his audio message he has especially recorded in memory of 27th anniversary of MQM martyrs of Pukka Qila in Hyderabad.

He said that on May 26 and 27, 1990,Pakistan People’s Party was in power and had its governments in centre andprovinces. During that PPP tenure, hundreds of Mohajirs were massacred at PukkaQila in Hyderabad. Prior to implementing the genocidal operation againstMohajirs the security personnel disconnected water, telephone and electricityservices. Women and children had come out their homes along with the holy Quranin their hands, the security personnel had showered volley of bullets on thosewomen due to which dozens of women and children were also martyred.

The personnel of Yazidi descent hadalso not allowed the affectee of Pukka Qila genocide to bury their dead ingraveyard out of Pukka Qila and hence the martyrs were buried inside the PukkaQila and their graves are a proof.

The slain PPP leader Benazir Bhuttowas Prime Minister of Pakistan, who falsely believed that she could suppressMohajirs and thus she would continue to clinging o reins of power but hergovernment was dismissed.

The MQM founder leader Mr. Hussaindeplored that despite the passage of 27 year of Pukka Qila carnage, theperpetrators are allowed to live free while the affected of the Pukka Qilamassacre are still waiting to see the justice to be done. On the other, thekillers of hundreds of Mohajirs are now being acquitted one after another,which is highly deplorable and condemnable.

He said that Mohajirs would neverbow down their heads to any force of tyranny and would never relinquish theirstruggle for the rights. The martyrs’ blood would keep guiding the Mohajirs toreach their destination even under worst state repression.

The MQM founder leader Mr. Hussain once again paid rich tribute to the Pukka Qila martyrs and prayed for the departed souls.

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