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Muhajirs deprived for 70 years: Altaf Hussain

Muhajirs deprived for 70 years: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/18/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain said that the Muhajirs were being deprived of their fundamental rights for the last 70 years.
Addressing to the participants of a hunger strike at Karachi Press Club, MQM Chief said that the Urdu-speaking community was not only being physically murdered but also being killed financially and politically. He said that if MQM Parliamentarians’ voices would not be heard and noticed by the Parliaments then they were just like coffee shops.
He said that the conspiring elements were trying to make the Muhajirs, children of founders of Pakistan, second-class citizens. He said that the Pakistani establishment and bureaucracy did not want to hand over the government to the Muhajirs whose forefathers not only founded Pakistan but also wasted themselves for developing newly-incepted country.
Mr. Hussain said that after several years of discriminations and suppression, he founded All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization (APMSO) in University of Karachi which lately turned to be one of the leading political forces of the country. He said that the establishment had cunningly driven a shameful campaign against MQM to manipulate its workers.
He said that everyone knew that all the rights’ struggles needed sacrifices so did MQM and Muhajirs had to render to achieve their due rights from the discriminating feudal tyrants. He said that for last three years more than 62 workers had been murdered in extra-judicial killings and more than 141 workers had been disappeared after their arrests by the law enforcement agencies.
He said that neither the courts of the country nor the human rights organizations seemed to take any notice against such brutality and violation of constitution by the LEAs. He said that the Rangers did not take any action against Jamaat-e-Islami and its safe houses where from Al-Qaida members were arrested.
MQM Chief Mr. Hussain said that his voice was silenced with a planning to support Jihadis, religious and extremist organizations because it was only Altaf Hussain continuously raising his voice against such brutal killers. He said it was disgusting that the fake and unnecessary cases were registered against him to pressurize them.

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