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Karachi’s elected mayor in politically-motivated arrest

Karachi’s elected mayor in politically-motivated arrest
 Posted on: 7/19/2016
The latest in a series of stalling operations designed to delay the democratic process took place this afternoon with the dramatic arrests of Karachi's nominated Mayor Mr Wasim Akhtar and Member of the Provincial Assembly, Mr Rauf Siddiqui. Both men are senior MQM personnel.

Despite securing an overwhelming majority in recent elections, Karachi’s elected mayor has been prevented from taking up his post. 

Mr Altaf Hussain, Founder and leader of MQM said, "We believe that the arrest of our elected public representatives including the rightful Mayor of Karachi is part of ongoing state operation against MQM."

"These arbitrary arrests are a clear indication that people of Karachi are being actively denied their democratic and human right of representation."

Both party members had been on bail further to politically motivated cases brought to the Anti Terrorism Court. 

MQM, the elected representatives of the over 25 million citizens of Karachi, calls upon the international community to recognize the politically motivated action being taken against democratically elected political parties in Pakistan’s largest city.

MQM is the fourth largest political party in Pakistan and supports equal rights and opportunities for all. As a liberal tolerant and progressive party MQM is firmly opposed to all forms of fanaticism and extremism.

8/15/2022 8:33:47 AM