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Senior MQM member abducted in Karachi - colleagues fear for his safety

Senior MQM member abducted in Karachi - colleagues fear for his safety
 Posted on: 7/12/2016
Without provision of a warrant, a Senior MQM member has been abducted by Para Military Rangers’ personnel in the Gulburg Town area of Karachi.

Izhar Uddin Ahmed Khan, 55, was seized whilst visiting the Sindh Provincial Assembly member 
Mr Abdul Haseeb. Mr Khan was abducted by the Para Military Rangers’ personnel who removed him in unmarked vehicles.

Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader of MQM, said: “We fear for the safety of Izhar Ahmed Uddin Khan who was abducted by the Para Military Rangers personnel in Karachi this afternoon. We are concerned that no warrant was provided and that his current whereabouts remains unknown.”

"As the democratically elected party of Karachi, (Urban Sindh) we call upon the lawful authorities to ensure the safety of Mr Khan, who has been illegally detained without just cause or reason."

Calls by MQM’s parliamentarians to the Rangers’ headquarters in Karachi have remained unanswered. The party remains extremely concerned for the safety and wellbeing of Mr Khan 

Mr Khan is a member of Central Coordination Committee and is based in the party’s London head office. He was visiting Karachi to see his extended family members and has been nominated for the post of District Mayor, Karachi West after the party’s election victory in December 2015 in local government elections. He holds dual Pakistani/British nationality and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and British high Commission, Islamabad have been informed.

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