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Altaf Hussain hails MQM martyrs of 19th June 1992

Altaf Hussain hails MQM martyrs of 19th June 1992
 Posted on: 6/19/2016
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement r. Altaf Hussain said that the sacred blood of MQM martyrs would never be wasted and all the suppressions and discriminations would be eliminated from Pakistan one day.
In a statement issued on the occasion of the 24th death anniversary of martyrs of 19th June 1992, MQM Chief said the 19th June is the blackest day in the history of Pakistan when a state-run operation was started against MQM, the only representative party of poor and middle-class people. He said that the conspiring elements executed their malice designs to eliminate the peaceful and patriotic political party MQM.
He said that dirty tactics were being executed and the innocent Muhajirs’ genocide was continuously being carried out till today by state machineries. He said that on 19th June 1992 some spelled out Haqiqi terrorists were being fetched to Muhajir localities on army vehicles.
Mr. Hussain said that they were equipped with armed weapons, money and vehicles and given licenses to kill thousands of workers and to vandalize their houses. While, the security forces were not far behind in Muhajir genocide and killed thousands of MQM workers and supporters in extra-judicial killings, he added.
He said that another operation to crash MQM was going on in the name of peace in Karachi when hundreds of MQM workers and office-bearers were forcefully disappeared after their arrests. He said that thousands of workers were booked in fake cases and forced to change their loyalty and to join the so-called Kamalay party.
MQM Chief said that he and his party had sacrificed more than 20 thousands workers during state-driven army or security forces operation while nothing was yet to be proved against MQM. He thoroughly appreciated MQM martyrs and their families for their valued sacrifices for better hope in future.
He said MQM’s philosophy is simple that not to bow against the suppressing forces and stand for the rights of the people and its workers sacrifices are truthful evidences. He said that MQM workers would spare no stone unturned to accomplish the mission and would render all sacrifices when needed.
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