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MQM slams decision to postpone LG polls

MQM slams decision to postpone LG polls
 Posted on: 6/14/2016
The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement strongly condemned the postponement of mayor, deputy mayor and district chairmen’s elections by the Elections Commission of Pakistan.
In a statement, the Coordination Committee said that nearly seven months had been passed after the local government’s elections were held but the mayor, deputy mayor and district chairmen’s elections were conspicuously and unnecessarily delayed by the PPP led provincial government. It said that it would soon devise the next step to counter the current development regarding the violation of people’s right to choose their representatives.
In an emergency meeting to review the current political situation in the country, especially about the LG polls, MQM’s elite panel strongly condemned the government over delaying tactics for conducting LG elections. It said that the Election Commission of Pakistan had issued a notification on 9th June for conducting the elections but on Tuesday’s development, the Commission decided to postpone the elections once again posting lame excuse of retirements of four members of the Commission.
The Committee said that it was not only the violation of the people’s fundamental rights but also sheer violation of the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan. It said that the government kept conspicuously delaying the LG elections that seriously causing deprivation to the people.
The Coordination Committee said that the Islamabad seemed deliberately not intended to give governing rights to Karachi and urban Sindh. It said that the prevailing situation of provision of essentials was almost ruined in urban areas of Sindh, especially in Karachi.
The Committee said that it was necessary to deliver the power to grassroots level to serve people on their doorsteps but the Establishment wanted people to suffer in aforementioned issues. It demanded the authorities to stop enmity with Karachi and immediately order to conduct LG polls.
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