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PPP’s Sathi Ishaq joins MQM with others

PPP’s Sathi Ishaq joins MQM with others
 Posted on: 4/27/2016
PPP’s Sathi Ishaq joins MQM with others
KARACHI, 27-04-2016:
The former president People’s Lawyers Forum and Sindh Drug Court Judge Sathi Ishaq has announced to join Muttahida Quami Movement along with prominent lawyer Amir Miraj Ansari at a press conference in Khursheed Begum Secretariat, Azizabad.
According to the details, he was thoroughly welcomed by MQM leadership at Nine-Zero while the workers showered rose petals on him. The newly-joined MQM member Sathi Ishaq said that he would be faithful to MQM and Altaf Hussain till his last breaths.
Talking on the occasion MQM Senior Deputy Convener Amir Khan said it was evident that how Sathi Ishaq progressed in his political career from grassroots level. He said that everybody appreciated his thorough struggle against dictatorship and his contribution for democracy.
He said that his inclusion would certainly boost workers’ moral and could be helpful in other aspects too. He said that he had been a true and hardworking political worker and always stood solid for the truth and fought against the discriminations and suppressions of rights of the people.
The Senior Deputy Convener said that an unannounced operation was going on against MQM with extensive amount of negative propaganda but the people did not respond such malice tactics of the conspiring elements. He said that MQM workers were arrested on false allegations of being agents of Indian spy agency RAW.
He said that Karachi had been paying 70 percent of the total revenue and the Karachiites had always participated for the prosperity and progress of the country. He said that the recent inclusions of high profile dignitaries in MQM reflecting that all the designed propagandas were so far failed and the people were acknowledging MQM and Altaf Hussain’ philosophy to serve humanity.
He also pleaded Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif to take notice against the ongoing state-sponsored operation against MQM and should ensure to stop arbitrary and forceful arrests of its workers. He said MQM is a people’s force and cannot be suppressed by such tactics of conspiring elements.
Sathi Ishaq said that the people of urban Sindh unanimously elected MQM and Altaf Hussain for their representative and the conspiracy to impose some conscious-ridden geeks on the nation could not bring any good to its designers. He said it is only MQM has been sending people to the Parliaments from middle and lower-class background.

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