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MQM spokesman says 92-episode being repeated

MQM spokesman says 92-episode being repeated
 Posted on: 3/7/2016 1
The spokesperson of Muttahida Quami Movement said that 1992 episode was being repeated to eliminate and divide MQM, and destabilize the unity of deprived and unprivileged class, including Muhajirs but the conspiracy would again be failed.
In a statement, the spokesperson said that MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain started his struggle for the rights of the people, especially Muhajirs and founded MQM through APMSO. He said that since beginning the Establishment kept trying to eliminate the only political party representing Muhajirs and conspired to sideline its Chief Mr. Hussain.
He said that there were number of attempts to create new groups in MQM and for that a state-run operation was conducted to target MQM. He said that the Establishment was feared about the reach of MQM and its Chief’s philosophy to serve people
The MQM spokesperson said that the negative, baseless and poisonous propagandas were carried out to defame MQM. He said that bogus and fake maps of Jinnahpur were allegedly recovered and presented to the people to create dichotomy between them and MQM.
He said that despite all such conspiracies the unity of MQM workers and supporters was phenomenal that caused failure of conspiring elements. He said that the people, including Muhajirs completely rejected all false allegations on MQM posted by the Establishment and they always reciprocated the call of MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain.
The spokesperson said that the conspiring elements were trying to damage the political persona of Mr. Hussain to get him sideline from the political scenario and MQM. He said that such attempt could have serious consequences, especially the elimination of Muhajirs’ identity and exploitation of people’s rights.
He said that all the unbiased journalists, intellectuals, political leaders and people of Pakistan knew the script writers of the current episode. He said that MQM categorically denied the allegations of having connections with any foreign secret agency and termed it preposterous and ridiculous.
He said MQM only relied and believed in Almighty Allah against all such discriminating forces. He said it believed that the people once again would defeat the conspiracy and would support Altaf Hussain for another historical triumph against recent conspiracies
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