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MQM continues symbolic hunger strike on 4th day

MQM continues symbolic hunger strike on 4th day
 Posted on: 2/22/2016
Muttahida Quami Movement continued on 4th consecutive day with the symbolic hunger strike for its Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain against the media ban of his speeches, news, views and interviews at Karachi Press Club.
Members Coordination Committee Shabbir Qaimkhani, Aminul Haq, Aslam Khan Afridi, Matiur Rehman, Zahid Mansoori, MNAs, MPAs, Senator Barrister Faroogh Nasim, nominated-Mayor Wasim Akhtar, members CEC, office-bearers, workers and supporters. Monday is the last day of 4-day symbolic hunger strike to protest against media ban on MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain.
Talking on the occasion, President Karachi Bar Association Mehmood ul Hasan congratulated over the series of protest including the symbolic hunger strike to lift the media ban of Mr. Altaf Hussain’s speeches, news, views and interviews. He said that the Constitution offered the right to freedom of speech to every citizen and the ban was certainly unconstitutional.
The prominent religious leader Abbas Kumaili said MQM Chief is merely not the leader of Muhajirs but for the entire nation. He said the change is destined and on the card, while this time the will be permanent. He said it is time for the hope of new beginning and Mr. Hussain will definitely lead the course.
Allama Ali Karar Naqvi said that the media ban on Altaf Hussain meant to silence the voice of 98 percent of the people. Quoting to the famous poet Raees Amrohvi, he said that MQM Chief was the source of bounding between Shia and Sunnis of the country. He said that he did not need radio or TV because he lived in people’s hearts and people loved him.
Senior journalist Nazeer Laghari said that ban on freedom of speech could always cause negativity and anxiety among the masses. He said that the government would be held responsible for discriminating the fundamental right of a citizen and Mr. Hussain would be considered as a victim of aristocracy.
A delegation of Karachi Press Club also visited MQM hunger strike camp to show solidarity with Altaf Hussain over the media ban on his speeches, news, views and interviews. Talking on the occasion AH Khanzada said the protesters are the activists for the rights to the freedom of speech and KPC is just a facilitator.
Former KPC President Imtiaz Khan Faran said the connecting wall of the protesting camp is famous as “Wailing Wall.” He said that MQM had been struggling for the rights of 98 percent deprived and unprivileged people of the country. He also said that the authorities should fulfill the requirements of the justice prior to banning him on media.

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