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MQM carries on 2nd day of token hunger strike

MQM carries on 2nd day of token hunger strike
 Posted on: 2/20/2016
MQM continued with the symbolic hunger strike on 2nd consecutive day against the media ban on party Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain at Karachi Press Club.
The Muttahida Quami Movement had organized a symbolic hunger strike at Karachi Press Club to protest against unconstitutional, undemocratic and immoral ban on Mr. Hussain’s speech, news, views and interviews.
While people from all walks of life, including journalists, human right activists, delegations from various fraternities, intellectuals and others visited to show solidarity with MQM Chief on human rights violation to freedom of speech.
Talking on the occasion, prominent journalist Mehmood Sham said the century belonged to the freedom of speech and the media ban on MQM Chief could not be justified. He said that the time had gone to manipulate people’s right to strengthen army or democratic dictatorship.
He said the difference is the beauty of democracy and press club is the symbol of freedom of speech where revolutions and various movements kicks off. He said came to support Altaf Hussain for his right to speak and criticize the government.
The social activist Sheema Kirmani said on her visit that everybody had his fundamental right to freedom of speech and the government and authority should allow people to express their thoughts even they criticize them. She said that Mr. Hussain had responsibility to represent his people and their rights and raise voice for the people.
A delegation of High Court Bar led by Muhammad Jewani also visited Karachi Press Club to show solidarity with MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain. Muhammad Jewani said that the Article-19 of the Constitution allowed everyone to express freely and also support the freedom of speech.
Talking on the occasion, the member of Coordination Committee Abdul Haseeb said that the authorities should immediately rectify their inhuman and immoral deeds otherwise people would react against them. He said MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain is the most famous leader and public figure having millions of followers and supporters.
He said that the government had posted ban on him because he had been raising the voice against the discrimination of the people’s rights. He said that if the ban would be lifted immediately the people would go for hunger strike till death.

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