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MQM organizes protest rally at Orangi No-5

MQM organizes protest rally at Orangi No-5
 Posted on: 2/18/2016
The member of Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement Muhammad Hussain said that the huge number of participants in the protest rally at Orangi Town No-5 showed the endorsement of MQM Chief Mr. Hussain’s philosophy.

Talking on the occasion, Muhammad Hussain said that the people needed water, electricity, education and other basic fundamentals. He questioned that were the Karachiites not Pakistani national? Karachi was a part of the country than why such discriminatory behavior was being exercised with it, he added.

MQM leader said that the protestors were the children of the founders of Pakistan who sacrificed millions of lives for it. He said that the people had been protesting peacefully for their rights, especially for CNIC and other basics.

While MNA Mahboob Alam said that Muhajirs had rendered their lives for the formation of the country and would now sacrifice again to save it. He said that the federal and provincial governments could not carry out their businesses on discriminations of people’s rights and should immediately transfer the power to the public representatives.
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