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MQM against status quo: Nadeem Nusrat

MQM against status quo: Nadeem Nusrat
 Posted on: 2/8/2016 1
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is not only a political party but a movement having the main objective of breaking status quo,    said MQM’s Convener Nadeem Nusrat while talking to recently named Central Committee Punjab.
MQM is the only torch bearer of “ change “ and was subjected to state terrorism for the sole reason, he said adding that despite all conspiracies, propaganda, wild allegations and fake cases the party and its leader Altaf Hussain emerged clean and victorious. He referred to the alleged confession by Lyari gangster Sardar Uzair Jan Baloch who told investigators that how former President Asif Ali Zardari and Zulfiqar Mirza supplied arms to target MQM and Mohajir community. While MQM workers and leaders are arrested in decade old false concocted cases, these terrorist and their facilitators were moving freely, he said adding that MQM stands for a justice system in which all citizens are equal and equally responsible for any crime of any proportion.
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