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PPP treats Assembly floor as private parlor: Khawaja Izhar

PPP treats Assembly floor as private parlor: Khawaja Izhar
 Posted on: 1/28/2016
The Leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly Khawaja Izharul Hassan said, “Tuesday is a private members day but the provincial government brings local bodies’ amendment bill on the floor unconstitutionally.”
Talking to the media persons outside Sindh High Court after the hearing of Sindh Local Government Amended Bill-2013 case, the Leader of the opposition said that the PPP treated the assembly floor as if it was its private parlor just because of simple majority. He said that Shah Sarkar amended the bill earlier to vote with showing hands but re-amended it again for conceal voting.
Talking on the occasion, the nominated-mayor of Karachi Wasim Akhtar said that they had been fighting for the rights of the people at all fronts, in courts and avenues. He said that the PPP under the disguise of simple majority was cunningly exploiting the people’s rights.
He hoped that the provincial high court would definitely maintain justice and pay due homage to the mandate of the people. He said that no amendment could be carried out after the announcement of the elections’ schedule and neither the Prime Minister nor the Chief Minister had any exemption in the case for issuing any executive order or floor amendment.
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