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Bacha Khan University attack failure of NAP: Farooq Sattar

Bacha Khan University attack failure of NAP: Farooq Sattar
 Posted on: 1/21/2016
The attack on Bacha Khan University is a failure of National Action Plan (NAP) while the makers of the NAP are still confused, said Dr Farooq Sattar, Senior Deputy Convener of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) at a condolence reference for 21 martyrs of the tragedy.

The terrorist cannot be wiped out by making traditional statements and the nation asks the rulers that how the intelligence and law enforcing agencies failed despite advance intelligence of a possible terrorist strike which forced closure of schools in Peshawar a day earlier, he said.
Dr. Sattar said that Altaf Hussain has warned the nation and rulers about presence of Daesh in Pakistan but this was not taken seriously.

The Counter Terrorism Departments of Sindh and Punjab have been arresting Daesh workers, supporters but still a sizeable presence of terrorist exist in Punjab. He demanded a review of the NAP and to lay the facts before the people of Pakistan.

Senior journalist Mehmood Sham reciting his poem on the tragedy said it left the entire nation sad and worried. 

Former provincial information advisor Agha Masood in his address said that NAP was not implemented with full force and vigour. No action was being taken against 'Nurseries of Terrorists ' in Punjab.

Honorary Secretary, Karachi Press Club I.H Khanzada lauded MQM for uniting the people against terrorism and said this unity alone can guarantee a safe Pakistan. The other journalists who spoke on the occasion included Amir Zia, Aminb Yousuf, Wajid Ansari and Fazil Jameeli.

12/5/2021 2:25:30 PM