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MQM observes Martyrs Day

MQM observes Martyrs Day
 Posted on: 12/9/2015
Muttahida Quami Movement has observed ‘Martyrs Day’ on December 9th today at Jinnah ground.
The day was traditionally observed with a huge participation from the workers and supporters, including the families of the martyrs. The attendees also recited holy Quran and prayed Almighty Allah to confer high eternal ranks to the martyrs.
Addressing on the occasion, Senior Deputy Convener Amir Khan said, “Today is the day to pay homage to them who rendered their precious lives in the line of duty to serve the cause and to reaffirm our determination against all evil forces.” He said, “We should express our gratitude to Almighty Allah for bestowing Altaf Hussain to the people to protect their rights.
Amir Khan said that the grand success on December 5th LG polls was merely due to the sacrifices rendered by the MQM martyrs. He said that the entire nation was paying tributes to them and acknowledging their unmatchable sacrifices for exalting the flag.
Deputy Convener Syed Shahid Pasha said that the sacrifices appeared as a stimulating force for the remaining folk. He paid due respect to the determinations shown by the martyrs against the evil forces and also appreciated their families and relatives for their courage and patience.
He said, “Today demands us to revamp our promise to MQM Chief Mr. Altaf Hussain and the nation that we will spare no stone unturned to carry out the MQM philosophy. He said that MQM would continue its struggle against all the vicious forces unless achieved the destination.
Member Coordination Committee Shabbir Ahmed Qaimkhani said that they were targeted because their unprecedented opposition against the obsolete feudal and corrupt system. He said that the struggle caused killing of thousands of MQM workers and same were made disappeared.
Member Coordination Committee Arif Khan Advocate said that Mr. Hussain’s elder brother Nasir Hussain and his son Arif Hussain were also extra-judicially killed during the operation against MQM. He said that the evil forces kept trying to eliminate MQM from the political arena for long but they had been cursed by Almighty Allah.
Earlier, a delegation of members MQM Coordination Committee and senior leaderships visited Shuhda-Qabrustan (Martyrs graveyard), in Yasinabad. The delegation laid floral wreaths on the graves of Nasir Hussain and Arif Hussain and also prayed for the deceased.
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