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Altaf Hussain pays tributes to MQM martyrs

Altaf Hussain pays tributes to MQM martyrs
 Posted on: 12/9/2015
Altaf Hussain pays tributes to MQM martyrs

London: 9th December 2015. 
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said that the sacrifices given by MQM martyrs proved to be the undercurrent for the party.
“Nations that do not value the sacrifices of their martyrs and allow to pass them into oblivion wither away with the passage of time.”
In his message on the occasion of the Martyrs Day observed by MQM on 9th December each year, Mr Hussain paid glowing tributes to the martyrs.
“Innocent MQM workers faced untold oppression and cruelty but they faced everything with unwavering determination and laid down their lives.”
“MQM could not be eliminated despite all injustices and cruelties because it has obtained strength by the immortal sacrifices of its martyrs.”
Mr Hussain declared that the huge success of MQM in the local government elections was only because of the sacrifices of the martyrs.
“We should make a commitment with ourselves that we would not forget the sacrifices of our martyrs and look after their families.”
Mr Hussain prayed Almighty Allah to shower divine blessings on the souls of MQM martyrs. 
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