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QeT Altaf Hussain exclusive interview on Republic TV-19 November 2019
19 Nov 2019     Views: 585
18 Nov 2019     Views: 850
Pak Army Generals are the patrons of smugglers of narcotics. They are billionaire from earnings from smuggling and sale of narcotics– MQM Founder Leader “The entire network of armed and security forces of Pakistan including Military, Air Force, Navy, ISI and MI have been corrupted – MQM Founder Leader
Founder & Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain will address to Sindhi nation on this Saturday 16th Nov 2019
15 Nov 2019     Views: 870

London: 15 November 2019

Founder & Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain will address to Sindhi nation on Saturday 16 November 2019. His speech will be broadcast on social media at 3.00pm UK standard time (8.00pm Pakistan standard time). In a statement the information department of MQM said that Mr. Hussain in his address will elaborate the significance of unity and alliance of oppressed nations. The statement said that all Sindhi intellectuals, writers, poets, journalists, lawyers, media persons, religious scholars, students particularly labourers and peasants who have firm believe in ‘realism’ and ‘practicalism’ must listen Mr Hussain’s thought provoking address. The statement further said that unity of all oppressed nations is the only solution to get freedom from injustices.
10 Nov 2019     Views: 935
MQM approached SC of Pakistan but to avail and hence he would request Indian government to help MQM to get justice from International Court of Justice – MQM Founder Leader
" Polonium-A Perfect Poison " ( A research article by Founder & leader of MQM Mohtaram Altaf Hussain )
05 Nov 2019     Views: 1080
A research article on "Polonium-A Perfect Poison" by Founder & leader of MQM Mohtaram Altaf Hussain. He has written this research article in reply to questions put up by people about his 2nd November, 2019 tweet regarding Polonium.
MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain attended a case management hearing at the Old Bailey, Central Court, London
02 Nov 2019     Views: 1045
MQM has nothing to do with Facebook page name “MQM Television “ and a person name Chodhri Hayyab Arif Kamboh : Spokesperson
24 Oct 2019     Views: 1188

Muttahida Quami Movement ( MQM ) spokesperson has  categorically clarified that MQM has nothing to do with  a Facebook page name “ MQM Television “ and a  person name Chodhri  Hayyab Arif Kamboh.

MQM slams Pakistan security forces over murders of Pakistan held Kashmiri people
23 Oct 2019     Views: 1128

 London. Oct 23, 2019: MQM Central Coordination Committee has vehemently condemned the brutal manhandling of the peaceful and innocent people of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir as the people of this occupied valley were on protest and several dozens of them have been severely injured and many lost their lives after they were treated like animals by the security forces and law enforcers on the occasion of visit of foreign diplomats to the LOC on request of Pakistan’s demonic military establishment.

10 Oct 2019     Views: 1434
MQM founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain has penned down new pages in history of Pakistan after he raised the issues of extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances and arbitrary arrests in Pakistan by the military Establishment...
Westminster Magistrates Court has released the founder and leaderof MQM Mr Altaf Hussain on bail with certain conditions.
10 Oct 2019     Views: 1361
Muttahida Quami Movements leader Mr Altaf Hussain had returned to Southwark Police station in relation to an ongoing investigation into hate speeches. Mr Hussain was charged in relation to this offence where he was produced before Westminster Magistrates Court and released on bail with certain conditions.
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