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English News Archive
Latest Photographs Of Father Of The Mohajir Nation Qet Altaf Hussain 15 February 2019
17 Feb 2019     Views: 313
LIVE: Video Briefing Of MQM USA Chicago Chapter Live From USA - 16 February 2019
16 Feb 2019     Views: 225
Pulwama terror attack would throw regions into flames of war: Altaf Hussain
15 Feb 2019     Views: 270
MQM founding leader Mr Altaf Hussain said this while giving a live address to his followers across the world through social media as the Pakistani establishment has placed him under an embargo and hence Pakistani media is restricted to carry his addresses, speeches, statements and photograph.
He vehemently slammed the terrorist organization, Jaish-e Muhammad (JeM) for carrying out suicide terror attack on a convoy of Indian Central Reserves Police Force – CRPF in Pulwama in Kashmir...
LIVE: Father Of The Mohajir Nation QeT Altaf Hussain - 15 February 2019
15 Feb 2019     Views: 358
MQM Tarana-'Altaf Tujhey Salam'.......QeT Altaf Hussain Latest Pictorial Video-13 February 2019
13 Feb 2019     Views: 651
Latest Photographs Of Father Of The Mohajir Nation Qet Altaf Hussain 11 February 2019
11 Feb 2019     Views: 323
Pakistan is signatory of UN Charter; It has to accept our right of self-determination: Altaf Hussain
09 Feb 2019     Views: 301
Any country that utterly fails to secure lives and rights of its citizens then the citizens have a due right to claim their right of self-determination and they should approach International Court of Justice to rid of the slavery and attain the right of self-determination...
Address of Father of the Mohajir Nation QeT Altaf Hussain to Overseas Units of MQM via Video Link held on 9 February 2019
09 Feb 2019     Views: 330
Father of the Mohajir Nation QeT Altaf Hussain will Address on Saturday-9 Febraury 2019
08 Feb 2019     Views: 323
Prime Time: Altaf Hussain speech....Qazi Faiz decision - Gulalai Disappearance Ashraf Ghani Tweet.-07 February 2019
07 Feb 2019     Views: 348
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