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UN observers must go to Pak, not India: MQM boss

UN observers must go to Pak, not India: MQM boss
 Posted on: 9/11/2019

UN observers must go to Pak, not India: MQM boss

LONDON: The founder of Pakistani political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Altaf Hussain, living in exile in London, has hit out at Pakistan over its human rights records, saying the UN should send observers to Pakistan and not India.
Hussain told TOI by phone on Tuesday: “Pakistan should not take India to the United National Human Rights Council (UNHCR). Pakistan needs to give answers about thousands of killings of Balochs and Pashtuns in Pakistan first. The UN should be sending observers to Pakistan and not to India. India is doing very well.”
He made the comments as the 42nd session of the UNHRC got underway in Geneva where Pakistan accused India of committing human rights violations and a “genocide” in Kashmir.
Hussain, who was granted asylum in Britain in 1992, said UN Secretary-General António Guterres should send observers to urban Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan “to let the world know about enforced disappearances and human rights violations in Pakistan”.
He told TOI that mohajirs (Indians who moved to Pakistan at Partition) faced torture and arbitrary detention in Pakistan and that there had been more than 25,000 extra-judicial killings of them since 1992 — his elder brother and nephew among them.
“The UN needs to go into the tribal areas of Pakistan and take statements from people’s families to find out what is going on,” he said. More than 500 MQM officer-bearers are missing and more than 10,000 arrested he wrote in a letter to Guterres dated September 4 urging him to send UN observers to Pakistan
On Tuesday evening Hussain tweeted a video of a large protest against Pakistan in Rawalakot in PoK, near the LoC. “Kashmiris were peacefully demonstrating and chanting ‘We want independence from Pakistan in Kashmir. The army should get out of Pakistan-held Kashmir’,” he told TOI. “The people living in Pakistan-held Kashmir have now raised their voices since Pakistan started taking the Article 370 issue to international courts. They want freedom from the Pakistan army. This was the biggest protest so far. The Pakistan Army baton-charged them, used tear gas and arrested many of them,” he said.
“Protests are banned and there is no freedom of speech there. They cannot choose their own prime minister in Kashmir. They are all chosen by ISI. The army has instructed the electronic media in Pakistan not to report these protests. People are not allowed to speak against the Establishment,” he said.
Next to the video he tweeted: “I strongly condemn atrocities of PK security forces against peaceful pro-independence protestors in Pakistan held Kashmir. @UNHumanRights should immediately send its fact finding mission in Pakistan held Kashmir. Deep state’s brutal media black-out & hypocrisy can’t work anymore.”
On Sunday, after US President Donald Trump called off talks with the Taliban, he tweeted: “I request President of USA & President of Afghanistan to please find out which country is involved for years in creating Taliban, Al-Qaeeda & other Jihadi outfits, providing them shelters (safe havens) & training to carry out terrorist activities all over the world particularly neighbouring countries (sic).”
Hooe its loud n clear Human rights. Get in pak _ in Sindh, in Baloch, Pashtun area n u will actually witness the atrocities by pak army. Actually its Napak army. The highest level of conversations of...Read More
Vinay Chopra

“In which country innumerable Jihadi Madarsas have been created (sic)? Please find out the root cause of all the mess in Afghanistan. I am sure, you are aware of the country in the whole world which is familiar & well known as epi-centre of notorious terrorists & also exporting jihadis throughout the world particularly in the neighbouring countries (sic),” he tweeted.
Hussain said all the various charges against him in a Karachi anti-terrorism court have been “fabricated and politically motivated.” He was arrested in London in June for a 2016 speech he made raising human violations in Pakistan after complaints were made that it amounted to hate speech. The matter is still under investigation.

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