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 Posted on: 11/12/2021


LONDON. November 12: Mutahidda Quami Movement’s (MQM) Supremo Altaf Hussain has said that Pakistan has been economically devastated. The military junta in connivance with the corrupt elite have ruined the country, robbed its exchequer, laundered the looted money and hence they are united in crushing every single voice that exposes them. The meaning and purpose of the keeping Pakistan united under the theme of Federation has lost all of its senses and reasoning and the biggest province Punjab and Punjabi military establishment in connivance with the corrupt elite have ruined the country and are carrying out genocide of the oppressed non-Punjabi nations in the country.
He was addressing his followers, Movement activists, and Mohajir Nation. His address was much detailed and impressive which lasted for hours and the listeners had attentively noted his address word by word.
He also elaborated on the questions raised by the Chief Justice and the judges during the hearing of the Supreme Court's suo motu notice regarding the APS tragedy.
Hussain said that the tragedy of Army Public School, Peshawar took place on December 16, 2014 in which school children and teachers were brutally massacred. The apex court’s judge had summoned the sitting Prime Minister Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi in that context to APS carnage while the ousted PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was then in office of PM.
Besides, the apex court had also ignored the then military chief General Raheel Sharif and DG ISI General Zaheerul Islam. Earlier, the predecessor to the sitting Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad, Justice (retired) Saquib Nisar had regularised PM Imran Khan's illegal palace at Bani Gala, which was built on occupied land.
Similarly, Justice Saquib Nisar regularised the illegal construction of residential towers and other illegal structures in Islamabad, while the same Justice Saqib Nisar declared legal and leased houses, shops, settlements and buildings in Karachi as illegal and passed an order for the demolition. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Gulzar Ahmed recently declared Nesla Tower as illegal and ordered to evict its occupants and blow it up dynamite.
It is astonishing to see how the ruthless Chief Justice comes up with the idea of martyred children of APS today?
At the other, Pakistan’s ghoulish military has countless commercial enterprises. The Pakistani military is the biggest land grabber in the country and its commercial empire covers business from dairies to cinemas, community halls to petrol pumps, vegetables and fruits mongering to selling of water.
The MQM Supremo said that every child of Pakistan knows that the power to allow or not to allow anything to happen in Pakistan belongs only to the army and its agencies.
If the conscious of the sitting Chief Justice of the Pakistan apex court has awakened and if he as guts to establish the writ of the judiciary so he should issue connotations to former Army Chief General Raheel Sharif and former DG ISI General Zaheer ul Islam and call them from abroad and ask them how the APS tragedy had happened.
The APS carnage was the planned product of the ghoulish military junta.
Hussain said that the second question of the Chief Justice was where was the entire security system at the time of APS tragedy?  The answer to this question is that the entire security system was at home because they were told by their high command to stay at home. He said that the army in Pakistan has always committed theft in the name of vigilance. On the question of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to the Prime Minister, "You bring the criminals to the negotiating table."
He said that the Chief Justice should assert with courage that when Tehreek-e Labbayk (TLP) had called staged a sit-in at Faizabad Inter-change, DG ISI had reached an agreement with the TLP leaders and when the TLP men moved forward despite open warnings, Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa presented the agreement in front of a Mufti. Why did the Chief Justice not take note of that agreement? The Chief Justice would have taken the connotations and ordered the arrest of the military generals and muftis who had entered into the treaty. Similarly, on the occasion of Faizabad sit-in, DG Rangers, who were openly distributing money among the people involved in violence, would also order the arrest of Punjab Army General.
The Chief Justice should question Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa and ISI Chief General Faiz Hameed on negotiating with TLP fanatics. He said that the Chief Justice had asked the Prime Minister to find out why people were killed in the drone strikes and who was responsible for it, but the Chief Justice did not know that the army would be responsible for protecting the geographical borders of the country so he should tender his unconditional resignation.
 He said that the Chief Justice does not even know that none can dare to register a case against the Army Chief and the DG ISI then still he asks the puppet PM to explain it.
The Chief Justice is preaching that action should be taken from above, then there is army, can any action be taken against the army in Pakistan? Chief Justice is asking the Prime Minister what action the government has taken against the army and agencies. What action did they take against General Raheel Sharif and former ISI chief General Zaheer? The army broke up the country, the army killed one million Bengalis, five hundred thousand innocent Bengali mothers and sisters were raped, all the facts are mentioned in the Hamoodur Rehman Commission report but the Hamoodul Rehman Commission report was not acted upon.
Hussain said that Pakistan Army fires on unarmed civilians, uses force against them but does not fight wherever enemies are confronting these coward military generals. Under Nawaz Sharif, General Raheel Sharif announced to launch a crackdown on Taliban and banned religious extremist and terrorists gangs. We supported the army but the army conducted operation against MQM instead of taking action against Taliban terrorists. During Nawaz Sharif's tenure, the army said that we will take action against jet black terrorists, for which a National Action Plan was chalked out and exercised in full swing but only against MQM. Same was done against MQM in 1992 as the ghoulish military announced to eliminate only 72 big perpetrators but the so-called big and professional army of Pakistan targeted Mohajirs and MQM alone.
Similarly, in 2014, when the government convened a meeting of political parties, we started getting calls from federal ministers and ISI members that MQM should also support this National Action Plan. General Raheel Sharif had deceitfully sworn that no action would be taken against MQM. Farooque Sattar and some members of the coordination committee also joined him and finally signed the National Action Plan.
He said his right to speak, write and address was curbed and on dictation of ISI, the Lahore High Court in September 2015 imposed sanctions unlawfully for speaking out against the state operation instead of the banned religious extremist organisations. MQM workers were arrested and forcibly disappeared, mutilated bodies of missing workers were found and having been heavily aggrieved, he said, he had said down with corrupt system of Pakistan.
He said that his one word condemnation meant much to the corrupt military junta and its sly cabal of elite and then the military started targeting him, MQM and Mohajirs aggressively.
He said that his residence called Nine Zero was chained and locked, and all of the Movement offices were demolished and every efforts was made to bulldose the Movement but the Movement has survived.
Hussain said that since then we have also decided that now we, too, will not tolerate this miserable and agonizing life of humiliation and Mohajirs can’t stay deprived of their land –Sindh, which is our mother land. We will liberate Sindh from military occupation.
The MQM Supremo asserted that the subcontinent India was divided by the British under a conspiracy of Hindu-Muslim riots Our forefathers were duped in the name of religion. They chose to quit India along with everything and migrated to land of biases and discriminations – Pakistan.
He said that this is not Pakistan but Faujistan (Land of army) and Punjabistan (land of Punajabis) as only Punjab has dominance in army, civil-military bureaucracy and in all sections of life. Punjab Army only safeguards the interests of Punjab and not Pakistan.
Hussain said that we agree with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Justice Gulzar Ahmed that Pakistan is not a small country. If he has sympathy with the people of the country then he should take Sue Moto for the sake of Pakistan and declare that this country has gone bankrupt, now it cannot be run by the present federation. Let the different nations in Pakistan decide about their future.
Hussain declared Pakistan an unnatural state that was devised for a purpose which could not be fulfilled. Its logical reasoning for existence has long ago been lost. It was 1971 when Pakistan was divided into Pakistan and Bangladesh and the basis of two-nation theory of the creation of Pakistan was buried alive.
He advised the military junta that they must accept on peaceful distribution of land and reserves among the nations that want freedom and thus live in peace and harmony while respecting each other's freedom under the universal principles of life and death.
The MQM Supremo said he wants to inform the Establishment that MQM is intact and stronger than past and its activists and Mohajirs are with him.
He said that the bewildered military establishment is panicked by growing strength of MQM and hence the corrupt military generals are now cooking another dish in which deserters and traitors are gathered for a hotchpotch but that would once again taste putrid. He said those the military general are trying to impose as his replacement should learn that all of them were his product which he crafted with his own hands and knows what they were, are and would be.
Hussain asked his devoted workers of the Movement that things keep changing by the time. The military’s rumour factories are at work round the clock in Pakistan against MQM and him but they should not pay any heed to those rumours. Only truth will prevail and falsehood will be eradicated.

1/17/2022 4:03:36 PM