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 Posted on: 11/7/2021


Participants seek attention of Biden administration - Demand support to Mohajirs for freedom from Pakistan.

Large number of workers and office bearers of MQM USA were attended the rally


Washington DC. November 7, 2021

Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) staged a demonstration that meant to attract attention of Biden administration and the world towards demand of Mohajirs seeking freedom from the oppression of the Pakistani regime. The party chose White House as the venue and in fact, the party successfully managed to leave an impact. It is obvious that their movement for freedom from Pakistan has now come into limelight.

 The MQM has demanded the United States in Washington to protest against the Pakistan apex Court's decision that pertained to demolishing the legal and private property of the Mohajirs in Karachi.

MQM defines apex Court's orders as continued state atrocities against Mohajirs by Pakistan military and it's peripheral paramilitary forces and to make Sindh a federal colony.

It is worth mentioning that the MQM does only wants freedom for Mohajirs and Sindhis and to separate entire Sindh from Pakistan as Sindhu Desh. Sindhis have already recognised the MQM Supremo Mr. Altaf Hussain as their sole and only leader.

Coming to the protest at White House in Washington DC, the MQM men and women Along with their kids gathered in front of White House where they made speeches, chanted slogans for freedom, held placards in their hands that carried demands for freedom and scripting against state atrocities against Mohajirs.

MQM Central Organizing Committee and workers of different chapters from different cities of the United States along with their families participated in the freedom demonstration.

Rehan Ibadat and Mahfooz Haideri, members of the MQM Central Coordination Committee, also participated in the protest rally.

 Court's cruel orders to blow up Nasla Tower in Karachi, demolition of other Mohajir houses and businesses, extrajudicial killings of Mohajirs and Sindhis by Pakistan army and its paramilitary rangers, enforced disappearances, conspiracy to take Sindh as a federal colony are issues that MQM and Mohajirs are facing. They also condemned the senseless killing of poor Sindhi youth Nazim Jokhio by PPP MPA Jam Owais Gohram.

 They condemned the Chief Justice Mr Justice Gulzar Ahmed for heading the apex court under sheer bias against Mohajirs and they slammed him with slogans such as "Shame on, Shame on you Chief Justice Shame on you.

They demanded Biden administration to take forthwith steps to save Mohajirs in Sindh. They also demanded steps for the prevention of demolition of houses of Mohajirs.

They were very clear to demand freedom from Pakistan.

 MQM Coordination Committee member Rehan Ibadat, Mahfooz Haideri, MQM USA Central Organizer Matloob Zaidi, Joint Organizers Atif Shamim, Yousuf Saeed, Organizing Committee Members Khurshidul Haq, Mohammad Nizamuddin, Qaisar Ali, Shakil Mohajir, Mohammad Shoaib, Online Channel Prominent anchor and member COC of "Meri Awaaz Suno" Sohail Yousuf, senior activist and host of the channel "We Are Altafist" Ruknuddin and social activist Ahmar Muzammil and senior member Gul Mohammad also addressed the gathering.

 They said that the oppressed nations in Pakistan like Baloch, Sindhi, Mohajir, Gilgit-Baltistani, Kashmiri, Seraiki want independence from Pakistan.

They said that their struggle is for Sindhudesh. The speakers called on the Biden administration to listen to their voices of freedom and to help oppressed nations in the name of humanity.

They strongly condemned the senseless killing of poor Sindhi youth Nazim Jokhio by PPP MPA Jam Owais in Sindh and appealed to human rights organizations to take note of this brutal murder.

 At the end, Mahfooz Haideri, Matool Zaidi, Atif Shamim presented a memorandum to THE US State Department officials in which details were shared.

MQM's freedom demonstration was live covered by MQM's online channel "MERI AWAAZ SUNO" around the world.

1/17/2022 5:05:50 PM